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Couchpotato May 24th, 2014 19:22

Zaharia - Post-Funding Update # 8
Inner Void Interactive reveals a new game in development temporarily called Project Frozen World, and talks about the future of their failed kickstater Zaharia.


Our new project and the future of Zaharia

Sadly we didn't manage to find any investor interested in developing Zaharia with no multiplayer or free-to play features and we didn't have enough funds to develop it on our own, so we decided to work on a lower budget project. Creating a second KS campaign would have been too risky, another failure would have meant the end for Inner Void Interactive and for Zaharia.

The new project, temporary called Project Frozen World, will be settled in a post-apocalyptic world where the remains of humanity are facing a new Ice Age. Project Frozen World will be a roleplaying experience in which the player will constantly struggle to survive, leading his/her party across a white wasteland.

We won't throw away all the work we did on Zaharia and working on Project Frozen World will allow us to develop various gameplay mechanics that we'll be able to use in future games, we will also be able to use some of our time to further improve the setting of Zaharia, in order to create a better game in the future.

We still hope to develop Zaharia and maybe Project Frozen World will be profitable enough to let us start again working on Zaharia. If you want to know more details about the reasons behind the temporary suspension of Zaharia and the development of a new project, you can find a detailed article on our website at this link.

More details about Project Frozen World will be revealed in the future, stay tuned!

More information.

getter77 May 24th, 2014 19:22

Hopefully this can indeed fare better, with Zaharia manifesting further down the line in proper form.

rjshae May 24th, 2014 20:10

Well I hope they make it a little more imaginative than it sounds. Good luck to them.

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