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Acleacius October 24th, 2006 02:11

Any negitive effects to using Beliar's shrine?
I see a couple as useful but for some reason in the back of my mind I remember hearing in NotR if you used his Shrine it took your health or something, as I always gave the sword up for the exp. :p
Anyway I also wondered if it had/forced any effect on the ending, not that I want spoilers on the ending, though.
Just basicly wonder if it has any ill effects.

Thanks. :)

Maylander October 24th, 2006 05:39

Nope, the shrines are equal now, and give you life, mana, endurance and spells belonging to that god.

Wulf October 24th, 2006 11:05


I wouldn't be too hasty with this, the nameless hero has been told by Korrypto the head fire mage that he is the prophecied redeemer or suggestive (just as in G1) to being the eternal wanderer. In other words you are creating your own path, but…as an avatar character of goodness (an overseer of corrective redemption) then i say leave the praying to beliar well-alone, as we all know he represents darkness - you can't have it all ways - - or can you? - - having the see-saw of dark and light set at level is possible, it's your personal choice from within your inner self.

Acleacius October 24th, 2006 15:40

Right, thats why I ask as well, wasn't sure but funny thing is everyone keeps telling us were are Fire Mage's Redeemer or Water Mage's (doh drawing a blank on what they called us in NotR) Equaliser ;) .
I took forever to find the Druid and get Ice Lance, I had Fireball but was worried about the Fire resist of some creatures and was eyeing the Lighting as an alternative.
Not really anything I wanted it's mostly trying to get everything just to play around with different skills.
Now I am wandering trying to get as many Teleporter stones and skill as possible after visting the castle and currently at the Wolf Clan, Fire is working very well in the North. :)

Maylander October 24th, 2006 21:44

I've played through the game as a pure dark mage, using lightning as my main(and almost only) attack skill - nothing is really resistant to it, you can kill any creature in the game with it. I suspect no creatures have really high resistance to anything, so anything can be killed with any weapon/spell.

Acleacius October 25th, 2006 03:17

They did something similar in NotR where even arrows seems to kill Stone creatures, maybe its intended as balance though there seems to be a good amount of levels and there for LP.

Maylander October 25th, 2006 13:02

Yep, I know, you don't need frost to kill fire, fire to kill frost, blunt to kill stone, etc. I don't really mind though, I kept forgetting to bring the right scrolls when entering Xardas' tower in Gothic 1, so it's all good.

My point was - you only actually need 1 attack spell, maybe an area spell as well, but other than that fireball, lightning or ice lance will all do the trick. Since they depend on your ancient knowledge, their damage will reach incredible amounts if you get 400+ AK.

Wulf October 29th, 2006 13:29

More about the shrines
It seems that the particular spell (denomination) must only be learned at the relevant and appropriate shrine of Beliar, Innos or Adanos, but there are some twists and even some surprises at the shrines at higher levels!!

The gameplay gets deeper when using the transformation spells of Adanos the status-quo god, the in-between or neutral god) - these are the nature spells that originate from the druids.
This is where extreme gameplay occurs, the summoned creatures allingnment/temperament can go undetected by the enemy, or friend for that matter…!!!

This means that the player, by careful judicious implimentation of a spell, can for a certain length of time, override or purposely negate the colour coded text that appears above the character and beasts and even objects.
The viewed character,beast, or object text colours.

Red………hostile (yes, even a chest has thieving repercussions)
White……neutral, normally unaffected.
Orange….Angry, irate but not hostile.
Green……friendly, co-opperative.
Blue……..a follower, assistant.

This G3 gameplay can get very deep, there's more to learn "time will tell the wiser"

Maylander October 29th, 2006 19:07

Oh yes, summoning spells can also be quite fun - you can pop up a demon in the middle of a city and have it smash half the city for you, without anyone blaming you for the slaughter, since they only consider the demon hostile.

Also, I've started using creatures of the wild to do my dirty work. Below Cape Dun is a cave with ogres - pull some of them up to the city and watch them kill butcher the place. Of course, that means less xp for me, but it sure is fun!

My next experiment will be to pull the big, black troll north of Silden into town.. that has potential of being hilarious, hehe.

The colours Wulf wrote are correct, however, you should be aware that enemies who are attacking you (or coming towards you) will have a slightly lighter red than creatures that are only hostile. This way you can see which enemies are actually coming at you, and which still haven't noticed you.

Acleacius October 30th, 2006 01:43

Wait, don't you get exp for the Mobs your Summon kills?

Maylander October 30th, 2006 07:18

Yes you do, but not from trolls and ogres you pull from the wild into a city.

Acleacius October 30th, 2006 09:40

Ahh, hehe. :)

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