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Dhruin August 25th, 2007 20:15

Silverfall - Addon Revealed
Worthplaying has news of an as yet untitled Silverfall addon. The info is brief but 10 screens are on offer:

The addon features an updated engine sporting better gfx and performance, two new races, over 50 new pieces of armor, 42 new weapons, 20 new maps, and optimized multiplayer.
More information.

Lucky Day August 25th, 2007 20:15

If performance is increased that would be a good thing. I have this still sitting on my machine waiting to play.

I got bored with kill everything in site type quests and it just bogged down. I'd be interested in any improvement.

Rendelius August 27th, 2007 17:09

Played the demo. Found it to be ugly, repetetive and not worth spending money on.

xSamhainx August 27th, 2007 18:18

wanted to like it, but couldnt. This would have to be one hell of an expansion!

txa1265 August 27th, 2007 19:04

As I said in my review: "this game is easily dismissed as just yet another Diablo clone, and not even one of the best. You could go from start to finish and never really learn anything about the story and characters and not have missed much."

There was supposed to be a PSP adaptation, but I don't know where that went … I'm really not too sure about this one.

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