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Uriziel October 24th, 2006 04:54

We got a new toy working today at work
Don't know how many of you have read about the AGEIA PhysX processor, but we got one in today and will begin testing it over the next few days. God I love new toys :D

Kawika October 24th, 2006 23:59

Oh, very nice! I'm anxious to know how it works out. :) I was thinking of adding one to a new laptop I'm looking at, but the price is a little steep atm. I'd rather put that money into an upgraded graphics card and extra memory stick, then add the PhysX when the price drops.

txa1265 October 25th, 2006 00:19

I've not heard much that makes it worthwhile. I remember seeing videos of it is GRAW, and they really didn't look different than what I saw on my screen. I'm sure that the processing separation helps, but it is hard to justify something that costs as much as a decent video card.

Uriziel October 29th, 2006 05:17

To be honest very few games benefit from a PPU right now, and they are higher than a mad cat's back atm. Quake(or any game using it's engine I suspect) is simply a different game with a PPU however. I've never been an FPS kinda guy, but the PPU makes you want to go blow things up just to see the amazing detail.

I brought the ASUS card home and installed it in my machine o test a few games :D AOE3 did quite well with the PPU also. But of course it already had alot of ragdoll physics in it anyway. Just park a dozen falconets in the middle of a village and watch the villagers get flopped all over the place and you'll see what I mean.(nice game to play when you are drunk :D)

Seriously though, if you are on a budget looking for the best bang for the buck, upgrade mem/vid card/cpu/monitor. If however you already have top of the line everything and plenty of cash, try out a PPU.

xSamhainx October 29th, 2006 05:53

sounds interesting, new to me actually beyond a few news blips Ive seen here and there on game sites. I need to go dig up some videos demonstating the effects of such a thing.

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