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Dhruin September 15th, 2007 14:45

Loki - Review @ Jolt
No great love for Loki at Jolt with their review scoring 4.7/10:

We had a review version of Loki ages ago, but the disc didnít work. Then the replacement went missing in the post for a while. When it finally turned up, we thought that might be the end of our woes with the game, but that was before we actually played it. Itís not that Loki is bad Ė it isnít. A few months ago the game was shaping up quite nicely and would have probably gone on to bigger and better things Ė if only the development hadnít seemed to have stopped there, because several months down the line the finished product is just okayish.
More information.

sealight4 September 15th, 2007 14:45

I'm trying Loki. Initial impressions, well not yet. Since I have time I'll give it a good try. It's being patched,1.06 at this writing so today will tell. I downloaded it at the site. That is all, out.

txa1265 September 15th, 2007 15:44

I have just heard I'll be getting a review copy of this … so I'll give my impressions.

magerette September 15th, 2007 17:36

From what I got out of the first demo, "okayish" sounds about right. Probably would be more fair to grab the second demo and see how the mage plays, but the game just didn't grab me enough.

xSamhainx September 16th, 2007 12:07

I dont think the review is all too bad. I dont mind games taking the good parts of things that have worked. In other words, i dont mind more of the same, if I liked the original concept.

The second demo is reputed to be Egyptian, I'll give it a looksee

DimGrav September 16th, 2007 15:26

I think the review has a point,if mixing several different game elements is what the game does.A game that does not have a main gameplay idea to which the new features stack,is more confusing than fun.I mean,in the end you don't enjoy the game at al,if it tries to be a little of this,a bit from that etc..

Unregistered September 17th, 2007 03:26

It just goes to show that reviewers yet know how to review a ARPG.

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