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Dhruin September 20th, 2007 02:39

Depths of Peril - v1.001 Patch @ Official Site
Soldak has kicked up a v1.001 patch for Depths of Peril, with a beta of 1.002 also available. You can grab both files from their Patches page and here are the notes for 1.001:

fixed crash when moving around skill icons that have use hints
fixed after are parents typo
added DEP issue to troubleshooting in manual
added AC 97 driver stuff to troubleshooting section in manual
fixed some problems when both enemies have damage on hit effects
added tool tip for covenant aggression
shifted editor tile layout over a bit
fixed some collision issues in crystal type cave
now subtract 1900 from zip files year to match normal file system
fixed not building uncompressed textures if needed
can no longer sell bags with items in it
fixed a crash in skill mastery stuff
fixed mastery skills effecting the wrong skills
now clicking on covenant health bar uses/attacks that covenant's lifestone
added disable party member dialog option
More information.

magerette September 20th, 2007 02:39

Very prompt patching indeed. The items in this and the beta patch are very welcome, and it's nice to see a developer standing behind his product and listening to the users. Especially since this is a very stable and playable game in it's released state.

pnutz September 20th, 2007 06:59

While 1.001 looks like it's just a quick bugfix, 1.002 looks like a big balance patch.


* capped max stalker levels to 1 in Grimalkin Forest
* thickened influence/power comparison lines
* thickened relation lines
* fixed defense magic enhancements not working correctly
* updated copyright year on main menu
* fixed another reflected damage problem with on hit skills like Major Fire Imbued
* narrowed relation range a bit so relation line colors would be a little more distinct
* now show exact relations with covenants when you highlight a covenant's icon
* now add hate to guards when lifestone is damaged
* now recruits and other ai will have health and power (faith/mana) maxed on level up
* fixed crushing blow not working correctly on weapon with higher min than max damage
* added a hints help topic after tutorial
* rearranged equipment and character screen some to overlap less
* F11 now defaults to recruit in your party
* now weight player/recruits more in power calculations
* added unidentified overlay icon
* enemy covenant should no longer be in lead for a recruit if they don't want him/her
* fixed getting back too much xp debt from soulstones when near max xp debt
* space can now buy and sell items
* armor now only applies to physical damage part from physical attacks
* added QWERTZ keyboard support

Two weeks after release. Man that's quick. Troika never addressed the balance issues in Arcanum, even months after release. Definitely picking this up on payday.

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