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titus October 25th, 2006 14:08

Can someone tell some more about xardas in the game?
but without spoiling to much, just a few more spoilers to get people excited about him?

Maylander October 25th, 2006 16:34

A bit of a serious spoiler regarding Xardas and his goals:

I can tell you this much - his plan involving the nameless hero was not to just betray him to get the power of beliar, or to get world dominance.. he still has the main hero in his plans, and unlike anyone else in the realm he actually wants to remove the influence of the gods themselves from this world.. YOU can join him in doing that, and complete the game with Xardas as your ally.

As usual he doesn't do any needless talking, so when you reach him you won't get a long speech with explainations and answers to questions long overdue - instead he tells you right away what needs to be done.

What his plans are and what needs to be done is up to you to find out. :)

titus October 25th, 2006 17:19

I know there was more than the superficial eye would notice on that guy, thank you
I can't wait too meet him once I have g3

Maylander October 26th, 2006 01:08

I attacked him on sight when I met him the first time.. old hatred from G2 ending you know, hehe.

Acleacius October 27th, 2006 02:08

Very nice synopsis Maylander, as usual.
Thanks. :)

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