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Dhruin October 25th, 2006 15:36

Dark Messiah - French Review @ Jeux Video
Honours for the first Dark Messiah review we know of go to French site Jeux Video. The score is 17/20 and my Google-fu says the review notes original and varied gameplay in an interesting universe but there are some technical failures and long load times. Thanks dju!

More information.

Prime Junta October 25th, 2006 15:36

The reviewer seems to have liked it so much he wet his pants.

In a small nutshell, this is what it says:
+ (some background and plot exposition that I won't bother to translate)
+ More like Deus Ex or System Shock than Far Cry or other FPS's -- an action RPG
+ Skill points acquired by advancing plot, not whacking beasts, so a few bonuses aside, you'll always end up with approximately as many of them no matter what you do
+ Best combat system the reviewer has ever seen in this type of game, leaves Oblivion and Gothic 3 in the dust (goes on for a long time about this)
+ Kicking goblins into fires is fun
+ Different skill trees let you develop as a melee fighter, archer, mage, or "assassin," and all of these play styles are well implemented and supported (again goes on for a bit about this); he seems to like the stealth-style the least although says that it's not bad either although very challenging to play
+ Lots of kewl lewt, not all of which is usable by all characters (some have specific skill req's)
+ Level design permits a number of different approaches, suited to different play styles
+ Lots of dark corners and hidden goodies to find
+ Cool level design, good gameplay, great physics, reasonable system requirements courtesy of Source Engine
+ Animations "worthy of the name" that add to immersion as dying enemies try to hit you, run off for reinforcements, or get away, or some cutie tries to seduce you
+ Above average music and (French) voice acting
+ Sense of humor included at no extra charge; they liked the dialogue with the hero's mysterious (female) spirit guide
- long load times
- bug causing a stutter on hit (which should be fixed in release version)
- no dynamic lighting
- some careless texturing
+ Character development requires real choices (not enough points to become good at everything)
+ Multiple alternative endings
=> great replayability

Sounds fun. Sort of like Deus Ex with swords.

txa1265 October 25th, 2006 16:24

I'm hearing FPS - type length, about 10-15 hours. So the replayability will definitely be a bonus. Less than an hour to unlock … know what I'm doing over lunch today ;)

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