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magerette October 13th, 2007 12:16

UGO - Top 50 Best Video Game Weapons of All Time
Taking a break from reality and serious commentary, we have here at UGO a comprehensive pictorial review of every possible video game weapon known to man--or at least 50 of them. RPG weaponage is somewhat under represented, but KotOR does come in at #41 with the Dual Bladed Light Saber:

Lightsabers themselves are immensely powerful tools in both of the Knights of the Old Republic games. HK-47 is a lot of fun, but characters who can't carry around the Force's One True Weapon are basically second-class citizens. And there's no better way to increase your power than by using a Darth Maul-style double-bladed saber in the KotoR games. This is mostly because you could take the most powerful upgrade crystals, toss 'em into a double-blader, and get two blades' worth of power out of each crystal.
and Oblivion produces Goldbrand at #32.
Of course, every variety of action game and shooter is also well represented starting with Metroid, and Bioshock is not neglected with two entries, the Wrench and the Crossbow.

More information.

GothicGothicness October 13th, 2007 12:16

GRRRRR, I acctually read it to go to NR 1….. Tetris as number one????? >:O

Lucas October 13th, 2007 16:02

What? No Lliarcor, the talking sword from Baldur's Gate II?


txa1265 October 13th, 2007 16:52

These are always hit or miss … stuff that doesn't belong and stuff that is missed. Two of my faves are the terribly overpowered shotgun and the OICW from Soldier of Fortune 2 … but it was great seeing the banana peel :)

zima98 October 13th, 2007 17:26

Spread shot - Contra :D I rember (my childhood). It was really nice weapon.

Maylander October 13th, 2007 17:34

Very interesting read actually, a lot of unexpected weapons - I thought the entire top 30 would just be various fps weapons. I have to admit that I've fired a few thousand Hadouken with Ryu in my life, and it's nice to see such legends make it into lists like these, and not just the 50 latest fps guns.

As far as guns go, I feel that the Doom portable-kill-everything-in-sight-plasma-nuke is the best. I don't play many fps games, but running around with the plasmagun never gets old. Hilarious! :)

Squeek October 13th, 2007 20:04

Ah, the BFG 9000! I'd forgotten about that bad boy! It's been a long time since I've played Doom. One thing I haven't forgotten is how you could always rely on your trusty shotgun. Nothing fancy, but it sure did the job!

Brother None October 14th, 2007 00:15


Originally Posted by GothicGothicness (Post 48973)
GRRRRR, I acctually read it to go to NR 1….. Tetris as number one????? >:O

It seems a bit weird, but I don't know any weapon that gave me the satisfaction Tetris did with a 4-row kill. It's a really good #1, actually.

Maylander October 14th, 2007 01:00

Most importantly, Tetris is one of the biggest classics in the gaming industry. I don't think any other game has been remade in as many versions as Tetris, and entertained people for as many years. It's still going strong, generations after it was made.

txa1265 October 14th, 2007 04:35


Originally Posted by Maylander (Post 49033)
Most importantly, Tetris is one of the biggest classics in the gaming industry. I don't think any other game has been remade in as many versions as Tetris, and entertained people for as many years. It's still going strong, generations after it was made.

So true - after playing it on the Mac for years, I got it with my original GameBoy … and was still excited for the DS version!

xSamhainx October 14th, 2007 05:36

I dont think I would have made it without Tetris. It's been an old friend that has helped me thru some very boring times where I prolly would have hung myself had I not had it in one form or another over the years. That said, I think the 4 line thing as "best weapon" is bullshit. It's not a weapon. I get excited about the 4 line thing too, even moreso when you get a good cascade going on the cascade versions and get some bonus. I know the feelin, and love it. But it aint no weapon, sorry. Total cheese imho

40. Railgun - Quake 2
ahh now there's a weapon. I dont think Ive died by or killed more with any other virtual weapon than that thing. Love the telltale spiral trail, the sound, the way an entire battlefield of opponents can be cleared before they even know what hit them. And it takes skill, this aint no nuke. If youre good with the rail, you rule all. Now there's a weapon.

I'd like to nominate the "alien arm gun" from redneck rampage.

curiously undead October 14th, 2007 10:45

the dart gun/crossbow from deus ex was pretty sweet. three types of ammo including non lethal. i always found out amusing to watch the 'victim' run away after getting nailed with a poison dart, pausing every few steps for a spasm until they finally fell unconcious.

how about the water or rope arrows from thief?

the triple barrel rifle you can construct in neuro hunter is a lovely weapon as well.

personally i preferred dualwielding two light sabers two the doublebladed one.

Thaurin October 14th, 2007 14:35

I went to check this article just to see if they included the BFG 9000, which of course they did (at #2). The BFG 9000 was the first thing I thought about when I saw this list. :D I actually play Doom deathmatch and coop online again on Xbox Live. That's one thing Xbox 360 is very good at, multi-player. Wouldn't have missed that for the world. :)

Jaz October 14th, 2007 19:00

Personally, I'd have nominated the spade (Day of Defeat), Excalibat (R.o.t.T.), Morph Ovum, Porkalator and Staff of the Ovinomancer (Heretic/Hexen series) for the fun I had with those, but hey - at least the shrink ray from Duke 3D made the list :). That provided for some serious MP fun.
The Chrono Ivan (Red Alert 2) may not be a weapon in the sense of the word, but this unit was a lot of fun, too :).

Alrik Fassbauer October 15th, 2007 16:13

I'd like to see a list called "Top 50 Best Video Game Magic Spells Of All Time".

Jaz October 15th, 2007 20:32

That would be highly unfair since at least 40 out of 50 spells would come from the Zork series ;). I hereby nominate booznik, igram and koaasst… and to add something that's not from Zork I also nominate the zombify/resurrect combo from Final Fantasy (several games in the series IIRC, but I might be horribly wrong there).

magerette October 15th, 2007 21:32

I think I knew a person affected by that booznik spell, Jaz--that is if it is what the name implies:)

My nomination for most awesome spell is Creeping Doom, the druid spell from Icewind Dale and a few other AD&D games. Nothing beats watching those enemy spellcasters flapping around covered with bugs and unable to whip up a simple Fireball. :)

Weaponwise, I seem to remember the Holy Avenger was a rather impressive sword for a paladin, also.

Jaz October 15th, 2007 21:52

:rotfl: No, unfortunately it's not what you might think (or ist that fortunately???). Booznik is the spell that reverses spells. The only spell out of that list that might effect me is (or rather: my avatar) is igram… which turns purple things invisible. Boozniked, it would read magri and turn invisible things purple…

xSamhainx October 15th, 2007 22:23

I'll take Sacrifice's "Bovine Intervention"!

MasterLich October 17th, 2007 12:12

I'd go for Armageddon in Ultimas…

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