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Dhruin October 17th, 2007 18:22

Fallout 2 - Unofficial Fan Patch @ NMA
The final Fallout 2 fan patch from Killap is available at NMA, also incorporating (I believe) Timeslip's awesome engine tweaks. Here's their newsbit, which contains all the links:

This patch has been in production for several years now and it fixes well over 800+ bugs left in the game since the official 1.02 patch. I suggest using this installer version as opposed to the manual one since the installer will do everything automatically for you. If you want to do things manually though, go ahead and grab the manual rar version. I hope you enjoy the best Fallout 2 experience yet!
More information.

skavenhorde October 17th, 2007 18:22

Cool time to fire up this one again and give it another run through.

Melvil October 17th, 2007 20:26

sure wish I could install this on my system without it hanging and requiring a reboot ;) Beyond Divinity will have to do till The Witcher releases heh

Ryuken October 17th, 2007 20:54

Even his previous patch versions fixed most of the problems (especially some quest breaking bugs) I had with Fallout 2. A great reason to replay the game.

Acleacius October 18th, 2007 01:30

Gratz on the final and thanks for all the fixes. :)

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