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magerette October 23rd, 2007 02:10

Two Worlds - Community News
Dark Savant writes in to share two news items from the Two Worlds community.
First, there is now an interactive map available in German and English at fansite Aeon's RPGs which can be used to spot key game features such as:

* Named locations for all camps, caves, cities, geographic points, graveyards, landmarks, villages and places defined by the in-game models (e.g. teleports, mana sources, etc.).

* All Ingredients: Plants with permanent or with temporary effect, and mushrooms. Ingredients that yield temporary dexterity, strength, willpower, vitality, mana, damage, and HP. Those that yield poison immunity, or cure poisoning, or heal wounds.

* Complete list of Beings: Animals, creatures, humans (teachers, regressors, merchants, Mages, factions, soldiers and misc chars) and other species (e.g. Dwarves, Groms, Varns, Trachidis, etc.)

* Finally items to be found in the world: Chests, Wardrobes, traps, resources, quest related items, and game internal markers (special spawn points).
Use the menu bar on the left to access the different map features.

In addition, this forum post by Phalanx at InsideTwoWorlds reveals the 1.6 update is out of beta testing and will be released by Reality Pump after further quality control. The list of bugfixes is embedded in the post.

Thanks, Dark Savant!

More information.

Acleacius October 23rd, 2007 02:10

The map and patch list seem very impressive and it sounds like these guys could be a breakout hit if they can get this multiplayer fixed.
Since DL disappointed so many, there certainly seems to be a big market for a Coop RPG.

I can't help but wonder if a good Coop RPG couldn't draw massive sales, considering MMOGs seem to be nothing more than a poor substitute for Coop RPGs, if that's true these guys could be looking at miillions of sales.

Wouldn't it be ironically fitting to have a great Coop RPG come along and steal all the MMOG business?
Now that's something that could put a smile on a jaded RPG fan's face. :)

Cm October 23rd, 2007 17:39

That post also contains a link to a thread with console changes you can use to adjust camera controls for various situations.

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