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dteowner October 29th, 2007 18:50

Forum welcome and spoiler roolz
Welcome to our Witcher forum. It is my understanding that we will not be opening sub-forums at this time, so I'd like to ask everyone to be careful with the spoilers. Use the appropriate board tag to hide yer spoilers, folks.

Many thanks, and be good to each other.

Wulf November 17th, 2007 12:37

Dear dte and admin' staff, with respect….(no impudence intended)

I would dearly have loved to have spoiler sub-forums for The Witcher game. I cannot see why the decision was ever meant to be "at this time" as once the system starts it becomes almost impossible to revert.

Much that i would like to contribute to the various topics, i find it sometimes too much to separate the 'spoilers' from the 'open' yet intertwined story topics, this has been hinted by other members also. There's no problem in clicking the tag buttons and reading the spoilers, it's the composing of the two styles within one post that is limiting my own contribution which could have been more ongoing and responsive. The spoiler tags are spawning like rabbits in spring!

Surely, from a wider discussive viewpoint, more post interaction would result from having spoiler sub forums.

Regards. :)

dteowner November 18th, 2007 17:49

I was not privy to any discussions of sub-forums (yea, nea, or "holding pattern")when I made my post, so I threw in the "at this time" disclaimer just to cover my bases. I think there would be concerns with cutting traffic by dividing up the posts. We seem to have achieved the hard-to-achieve critical mass to where the discussions continue and grow; it would be a little scary to mess with success.

I'll point the powers that be to your post and see what the feeling is. We certainly appreciate the input and try our best to be responsive to the desires of our community.

Wulf November 18th, 2007 22:10

Thanks for the response dte, it was indeed the politics of the 'no sub-forum' stance being questioned rather than a moan - view it a kind of anxious forum urge that has been suppressed. The Witcher is most certainly a prime candidate for spoiler sub-forum due to its twisting and consequencial storyline.

Cheers. :beer:

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