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magerette November 1st, 2007 21:38

Gamasutra - EA CEO Talks Game Pricing,Creativity
Gamasutra has a short article up examining excerpts from a talk Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello gave at Berkeley, CA's Haas School of Business:

As reported by Fortune's Tech Daily blog, Riccitiello -- who returned to EA this February after a stint at Elevation Partners -- spoke on the company's current shift in thinking as it moves towards a more rounded portfolio of games. This strategy is typified by the recent purchase of BioWare and Pandemic Studios by the company.

One contentious point raised by Riccitiello is the need to embrace change -- with the example of the currently common $59.99 price point for next generation games cited as a place where something will have to give.

He compared the stance of the current game industry as comparable to the historic reticence of the big three TV networks to evolve as a counterpoint to EA's recent moves in the industry. “They were extremely arrogant,” Riccitiello said, according to Fortune. “They viewed the rise of cable as being insignificant."
More information.

doctor_kaz November 1st, 2007 21:38

I think that I can translate the article as:

"Gamers bend over. We're going to rape you with microtransactions and you had better get used to it.

guenthar November 2nd, 2007 08:42

If they go to the system that the free mmorpgs are using then I think that would be great since you get the game for free and choose to pay for extra stuff. If they make you pay then do microtransactions then they might aswell just declare backruptsy right now. With the free to play with microtransactions system you get to play a pretty good game for free and if you want you can put some real money into the game to help your pc out. I play several of those games and don't put one cent into them and I really like them.

PS. He forgot to mention the failure of Ultima 9 but they did that on purpose so they don't want to admit that.

PPS. I hope that they are not saying that companies shouldn't make single player games anymore and if that is what they mean it will be the end of Bioware.

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