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txa1265 October 27th, 2006 16:27

Diskeeper 2007
I just upgraded my Diskeeper to the 2007 edition (I've been using them since NT 3.51!), and … Wow! the performance and efficiency improvements are huge! I just had to clear space - after installing Dark Messiah, I installed BF2142, reinstalled FEAR so I could install the Expansion, so I removed El Matador and Oblivion - that is 10's of GB of files being tossed around. DK got my disk to 'all blue' in no time, and organized everything very nicely and quickly.

If you are doing anything that cares about disk performance, don't trust MS's defrag - the money is well spent!

Kawika October 28th, 2006 23:05

I have Diskeeper 2007 too and it is great! Now, I just need to pick up an external HD. :p

Corwin October 29th, 2006 03:10

OK, I'll ask the Noob question, What's Diskeeper? :)

Cormac October 29th, 2006 04:08

A disk defragmenter.

titus October 29th, 2006 15:27

a free one? or what would be a good free one

Cormac October 29th, 2006 16:55


Originally Posted by titus (Post 3583)
a free one?

It's not free but there's a 30-day trial period.

titus October 29th, 2006 20:33

can you give me the site plz? I would like to try it out :D

Cormac October 29th, 2006 21:25


Ragnar October 30th, 2006 18:04

Doesn’t Executive Software offer DK Lite anymore? I am running MS Server2003 and it looks like they have licensed that version of DK for their DF tool.

Haitham October 30th, 2006 19:42

Thank you for the "Reviews" and "More info". :P
Gotta try it out. :)

Tauschitz October 31st, 2006 06:00

I can vouch for diskeeper - it's a great program and really keeps the computer running at optimal speeds.

Uriziel October 31st, 2006 12:44

I prefer Raxco's Perfect Disk…….since we are giving reviews :P

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