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Dhruin November 21st, 2007 08:10

The Broken Hourglass - Stagnation and Death @ Official Site
Planewalker talks about two of Tolmira's gods in a piece called Stagnation and Death for The Broken Hourglass:

On the PWG site, we have published a new article explaining the outlook and role of two of the Tolmiran gods--Arithaan, a cold and distant sort, and Uulix, the god of almost everything that isn't nailed down.
More information.

magerette November 21st, 2007 08:10

Interesting and well-written piece. It could almost come out of a Robert Graves mythology text.

Glad to see that it wasn't "stagnation and death" *of* the official site, which was my first quick read. :blush:

Dhruin November 21st, 2007 08:29

Ooops - hope it doesn't give that impression to everyone.

txa1265 November 26th, 2007 18:00

Given the state of so many small-shop games, I'd be surprised if anyone *didn't* get that impression … I know my first thought was 'aw crap, I was really looking forward to it … '

magerette November 26th, 2007 18:43

Yep, I'm interested in this one, too but can't help but wonder why there's still no new screenshots or concept art since January 2007.

I love their intricate building of the game world through literature and myth, but it would be reassuring to see a little actual progress in how the game is going to look.

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