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Dhruin November 21st, 2007 16:09

Eschalon: Book 1 - Patch Plans
Basilisk has outlined the first set of planned fixes for their old-school indie release, Eschalon:

This is an ongoing list of fixes currently in place for patch 1.01. I will keep adding to this as bugs are found and fixed, and the patch will be released after everyone gives it a good shakedown for a couple more days to see if there are any other problems found. [edit] Oh, and thanks to these brave pioneer Windows users, Mac users will be getting version 1.01 from the start so these problems won't be an issue! http://www.basiliskgames.com/forums/…/icon_wink.gif

Patch version 1.01: (Ongoing)
FIXED: Pressing "T" while holding a shield crashes game.
FIXED: Skill point exploit in Character Editor.
FIXED: Typos…I won't list them all, but any posted in the support thread or emailed to me are fixed immediately.
FIXED: Pressing "J" while the inventory window is open no longer causes text to overflow from the Quest Journal.
FIXED: Map barrier errors…I won't list them all, but any posted in the support thread or emailed to me are fixed immediately.
FIXED: Several skill description inconsistencies.
FIXED: No longer lose items left in mixer when pressing Esc.
FIXED: Magick Journal should display all spells properly.
FIXED: Space bar exploit.
FIXED: Inventory tooptip focus problem.
ADDED: Keystroke 'x' opens Inventory, Equip Window, and Stats window all at once. Oh yeah, this is nice! http://www.basiliskgames.com/forums/…icon_smile.gif
BALANCE: Made a small change to allow the maximum recovery rate for MP to be 1/3 rounds, rather than 1/4 rounds.
BALANCE: Increased arrow quantities for merchants.

ToDo: Correct tree placement in Western Tangletree
From the rest of the thread, it shouldn't take too long.
More information.

karka November 21st, 2007 16:09

beta patch


zakhal November 21st, 2007 17:17

Is it compatible with the current save games? Dont wanna restart the game.

karka November 21st, 2007 17:54

Basiliskwrangler says so. But I'd wait for the final patch. Still, you can always backup your savegame files and re-install the version 1.0.


And the final(non-beta) patch is up.


Dajjer November 24th, 2007 16:47

space bar exploit.?????? Do Tell . . . . . . . . .

shaf November 24th, 2007 17:02

Patch 1.02 should be available today.

dteowner November 24th, 2007 17:16


Originally Posted by Dajjer (Post 54918)
space bar exploit.?????? Do Tell . . . . . . . . .

Push space bar. Hold. Repeat until health/mana are charged. All the joys of camping/resting without those pesky surprise encounters.

Dark Savant November 24th, 2007 21:17

Fixes/Changes to version 1.02: [FINAL]

[FIXED]: Blackwater Tavern owner now lets you visit you-know-where more than once.
[FIXED]: Several more map barrier errors and typos.
[FIXED]: Item duplication exploit.
[FIXED]: A bad alchemy mix doesn't send ingredients back to your inventory.
[FIXED]: Game reports Object Condition when damaging objects with fire.
[FIXED]: Options Menu exploit.
[FIXED]: Attacking priest in Blackwater caused crash.
[FIXED]: Armor Imbuing bug
[FIXED]: ToHit Imbuing Bug
[FIXED]: Selling grouped items to an NPC who doesn't have enough money no longer crashes game.
[FIXED]: Pressing Esc in conversation no longer brings up Option Menu upon exiting dialog.
[FIXED]: Crash under very specific deaths (for example, death while in the middle of casting a spell)
[UPDATED]: Several small changes made to the map at end-game to ensure one specific ending works as intended.
[UPDATED]: If no enemies or NPCs are nearby, the held-weight limitation for casting is forgiven.
[BALANCE]: Haste duration has been significantly reduced to limit its overly powerful effects.
[BALANCE]: Several high-level swords have been adjusted (increased damage) to be more appropriately balanced.
[NEW]: Upon drinking a potion, the game will autostack the empty flask on top of the first Empty Flask found in your inventory. If no Empty Flask is found, the system puts it in your hand for you to manually place.


Acleacius November 24th, 2007 22:14


Originally Posted by dteowner
Push space bar. Hold. Repeat until health/mana are charged. All the joys of camping/resting without those pesky surprise encounters.

Damn that's a good one, as a mage in the demo the recharge rate is way to slow.
Well it's odd, you can't seem to stand to allow recharge you have to move around, iirc, so it sort of sounds like a Dev cheat to me, hehe. :)

Corwin November 25th, 2007 00:21

When you download NOW, is it the patched version you get, or do you still need to patch up? Will the CD version be the patched one?

Elwro November 25th, 2007 00:32

And generally, is it possible to patch the demo? (Downloading…)

Dhruin November 25th, 2007 01:19

Purchased versions are already patched. Demo is not, I believe.

dteowner November 25th, 2007 04:45

CD version will probably be unpatched, Corwin. I think BW mentioned the cds being duplicated this week, so the master would be pre-patch.

Corwin November 25th, 2007 06:52

OK, if I download a patched version as part of buying the CD and the CD comes unpatched, then I'll still need to download the patches, won't I?!! :)

Dhruin November 25th, 2007 10:21

You'll already be playing the patched download version, so the CD will just be going into the cupboard, won't it?

Corwin November 25th, 2007 13:42

There isn't a cupboard big enough to hold all my games!! :)

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