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Inauro November 23rd, 2007 16:38

EverQuest 2 - Nektropos Castle @ Official Site
The official EverQuest II site has been updated with a review of the Nektropos Castle zone.

Nektropos Castle, accessed through Nektulos Forest, is an instanced dungeon intended for groups in the lower 30's.
The Access Quest, even though no longer required is still in the game, for those that are interested in the lore details its still worth the time. It starts with a book you receive in your inventory once you cross the bridge connecting Nektulos Forest to the Commonlands.
More information.

Oneiromancer November 23rd, 2007 16:38

I recently re-started EQ2 so I am happy to see some news about it occasionally on this site…but you do realize that these "reviews" are about as far from news as you can get? They are just advertisements for the zones written by players who really enjoyed adventuring in them. I assume Sony sends out press releases, but compared to the type of news that this site posts for other games, these articles just don't fit in.

Acleacius November 23rd, 2007 19:33

I have seen some info on the new expansions being released for both EQ1 & EQ2, but can't recall if there have been any reviews yet.

Alrik Fassbauer November 23rd, 2007 19:56

I still hope for a Singleplayer game of it …

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