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Altair December 28th, 2007 22:16

Assassin Guild in G1/Mods
:p Ive been thinking about a mod where Quentin's bandits should be the 4 guild in g1: Assassin's Guild:)

Ill also love to see some daggers in gothic and the stealth kill abillity.

What do you think about a modern G1? With weapons like in Star-Wars?

What kind of abillitys/skills would you like to see in future Gothic mods?

Would you like a Gothic multiplayer mod ???

EDV June 22nd, 2010 08:31

re-integrating Quentin's bandits sounds like a fun idea.

Gothic Star-Wars doesn't sound very good to me.

Abilitys/skills: Dual-wield, sneak up on animals, animal companion, mounts (shadowbeast, bloodhound).

I'd like to try multiplayer but I think it would be hard to create and mage would probably be to strong for warriors and rangers.
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Maylander June 22nd, 2010 13:31

A simple mod with modern weapons in Gothic probably wouldn't work out too great, but an actual Star Wars game based on Gothic's design philosophy would be brilliant.

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