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Dhruin January 2nd, 2008 17:42

Avencast - Review @ CVG
We missed this review of Avencast at CVG a fortnight ago, although there are barely a handful of paragraphs, so it's easy to miss. The score is an incredibly low 3.4/10 and here's a snip:

Similar to the cold horror of waking up next to a corpse, sometimes a game reminds us all effortlessly that there are still uncreative, dull-edged developers who will gladly rip off anything to make a quick quid.

Avencast, like an excrement-driven Delorian, takes us back to the heady days of Diablo, mixing in various pillaged elements from the rest of the fantasy genre, with every cliché imaginable. While Fate at least tried to be original, Avencast manages to be about as much fun as Gordon Brown reading the Bible.
More information.

szokol January 2nd, 2008 17:42

They are unfair.
Avencast is actually quite a good game. Much more fun than Diablo (at least for me)

Sir Markus January 2nd, 2008 18:46

I seriously doubt the 'reviewer' of this game even made it out of the first area of the game. It gets a lot better after the initial tutorial. Sometimes I wonder how some of these people get jobs reviewing games; I thought Avencast was a great game. I'd give it an 8/10 personally. Oh, and although I thought Fate was a good game, it was more of a ripoff of Diablo than Avencast, IMO.

Dhruin January 2nd, 2008 23:12

Haven't plated Avencast but there was absolutely nothing original in FATE. A fun game - but not original.

Acleacius January 2nd, 2008 23:22

Thanks for reminding me why I never visit, giving clicks to cvg. :)

ToddMcF2002 January 3rd, 2008 03:39

What a bunch of bs. I can see someone not liking the game, which would mean a 5 or a 6, but this is just sad.

txa1265 January 3rd, 2008 04:36

Don't nobody mess with FATE … or unleash my wrath you will! (not saying it is original, though ;) ) Oh, in a way it is - it is a truly family friendly RPG in a sea of 'blood & swears & boobies = mature' stuff …

DaDoom January 3rd, 2008 20:46

By missing this review we actually didn't miss anything. I agree with what was said above: the reviewer can't have played more than 3 minutes of Avencast. I personally liked the game a lot. Finally an Action RPG that deserves the labeling. The basic idea reminded me somewhat of "Revenant" although it's been done much better and is playable from beginning to end without any bugs. This already qualifies Avencast for an 8/10. Lets be honest: there's not many games, especially not RPGs hitting the shelves without tons of bugs these days.

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