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lanux128 January 16th, 2008 18:10

the Xardas factor
since i'm close to ending the game, i'd like to know the consequences of some of the major quests. i've been wondering whether Xardas will become my enemy:

- if i liberate the Hammer-clan mine?
- if i throw the fire chalices into the fire?
- destroyed the artifacts of adanos?

curiously undead January 17th, 2008 04:58

1-must do for xardas's favour/ending
2-xardas is ambivilent
3-you'll have to do this as well for the xardas/adanos ending.

Maylander January 17th, 2008 10:15

Doing the two first has no effect on Innos/Beliar ending, but the 3rd means only Xardas' ending is still available. What you do with the artifacts determines the ending.

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