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skavenhorde January 18th, 2008 19:27

NWN Diamond Edition CD Key Problem
I thought I would let everyone know about a certain problem with the Diamond Edition. I bought this game for my mom for Christmas and today we were finally going to play until she kept getting an Unauthorized CD Key message when trying to join a server. After about a half hour of trying to figure out what the heck was going on I read on the forums that Atari printed 3 identical cd keys on the manual instead of 3 different cd keys. Supposedly this only happened in a "few" of the diamond editions. I guess I she was the lucky few that had this problem.

She emailed them today and maybe a month later (knowing my luck) they'll send her the right keys.

Here is their official announcement: http://nwn.bioware.com/forums/viewto…90491&forum=49

I know you guys probably already have NWN but it might save you some time if you happen to need to buy the diamond edition and run into this problem.

txa1265 January 18th, 2008 20:04

Thanks for that info - there are plenty of people still playing NWN for the first time, and I get questions on occasion … always nice to have solid info!

purpleblob February 23rd, 2008 07:39

Hey, guys.

I've bought NWN diamond version ages ago and didn't realise that it doesnt have manual. Why? Because I didn't have DVD ROM so there's no point until I get one. Now I've got new comp.. and I was abt to install it… then I realised "NO CD KEY". Does anyone know what I can do? I dont have reciept anymore 'cause I threw it away. I'm so fucked. Sigh.

xSamhainx February 23rd, 2008 08:12

Hmm, I bought that one on a whim for 9.99 too. Lemme go check, brb..

*lots of crashing sounds later*

Well, here it is, I just opened it up, DVD edition… and while no manual, I do see a small booklet with EULA, installation instructions for the less technically savvy among us, tech support… and the different keys for NWN, SoU, and HoTU.

Looks like you both got some extra "special" editions indeed='.'=

skavenhorde February 23rd, 2008 08:24

Email the guys at tech support. Tell them your problem and I think it took about 3 or 4 days for a response but they emailed new CD Keys with no fuss. I got to say they skrewed the pooch with making that mistake but they sure made up for it with customer support. It wasn't a hassle at all, just took one email explaining the situation:)

purpleblob February 23rd, 2008 11:20

I will definately try that…. well, now I've got backup plan I feel much better… thanx to someone really awesome :D

txa1265 February 23rd, 2008 16:34


Originally Posted by purpleblob (Post 69007)
Hey, guys.

I've bought NWN diamond version ages ago and didn't realise that it doesnt have manual. Why? Because I didn't have DVD ROM so there's no point until I get one. Now I've got new comp.. and I was abt to install it… then I realised "NO CD KEY". Does anyone know what I can do? I dont have reciept anymore 'cause I threw it away. I'm so fucked. Sigh.

I have heard this happened more than just isolated instances …

Cm February 25th, 2008 21:18

I recommend you take advantage of the registration option of your keys on the official site as well. Should the manual get eaten by a small child it helps to have your cd keys stored with them.

purpleblob February 28th, 2008 11:11

no reponse from bioware yet… sigh.

Cm February 28th, 2008 21:51

I would send an email every week. You can imagine the number they get compared to the number of people working to answer them. Don't let them loose you in the stacks of cyber mail.

purpleblob March 4th, 2008 08:01

is it just me feeling this way or is bioware customer service really is going down hill and shit? <_<

Cm March 4th, 2008 19:47

Did you try atari.com? They may be of help. They are the publishers.

txa1265 March 5th, 2008 01:26


Originally Posted by Cm (Post 70343)


Originally Posted by Cm (Post 70343)
may be of help

Anyone else experiencing cognitive dissonance?

Cm March 5th, 2008 01:48

Welllll……….???? I have no excuse that I want to put in print??

However I did find this on the forum about it.

Here is the link on NWN site for those who want to read.

purpleblob March 7th, 2008 02:21

@cm: no luck! I've tried to find CD key EVERYWHERE but it's not there! Stupid atari products.

well, while Im still in complaining mood for nwn… I want to ask did any of you ppl who tried playing kingmaker experienced this problem?:

While I was in goblin cave, I was trying to open this chest (I'm a lv 1 cleric atm) but my pc and henchmen could not open it. The thing is, my henchmen WONT GIVE UP. Wherever I go, they still run out, exit the district to goblin cave, back to where the chest is and starts to hammering at it again….. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING! They don't care what my pc is upto. At one point I almost died because I was surrounded by bunch of goblins and my henchmen were still busy bashing up the chest. Reloading does not help. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Cm March 7th, 2008 16:31

It is a command glitch sounds like. Click on them and give radial command to follow. See if that resets it for them.

P.S. Would it be possible to return the game with the missing cd keys and get a new copy? As it is a known manufacturers error they may take it back for you.

Lucky Day March 11th, 2008 07:50

The Diamond Editions came with the CD Keys on the inside front cover of the manual.

Bioware redirects any CD-Key issues to Atari but there have been known issues with duplicate and stolen CD-Keys, especially in certain regions.

Atari is infamous for their lack of response in their forums but I couldn't tell you about this specific issue. Bio has been known to get involved to expedite matters with them and get you new ones if necessary.

Right now all their stock is being bought back by Infrogrames so I 'd guess what staff they have is demoralized.

I'm not sure who you're emailing at Bioware but [email protected] by its policy does not return emails.

I'd suggest bringing up this topic yet again on the forums to hopefully get the attention of a Bio employee before a moderator can lock it down.

I'd suggest mentioning that you've contacted both Bioware and Atari and post what emails you chose.

And of course, we have our own Bioware Dev who regularly frequents our forums. I'd suggest sending a PM to PatrickWeekes on these here vaults. He just posted today so he is probably around lurking somewhere.

Once you get your CD-Keys be sure to post them in your Bioware forum account and don't forget your password there.

Alrik Fassbauer March 14th, 2008 14:24

Just as a side question: Will this Diamond Edition be released in Germany as well ?

Avantenor March 20th, 2008 04:28

Nope, that's a US-only thing. Only one exception, it was part of the Special Collectors Edition for NWN2. But unlike the normal editions aand gold editions it never got translated and I guess it surely won't be translated in the next time. I was very disappointed when I found out that they simply put the english game into a german CE, although there is a translation.

Alrik Fassbauer March 20th, 2008 13:59

Ah, I remember.

I read about this notorious non-translating before.

Thanks for your information.

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