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Dhruin January 21st, 2008 21:54

Piranha Bytes - Bjorn Pankratz & KaiRo Interviews
World of Piranha Bytes has translations of two profile style interviews with Piranha Bytes' Björn Pankratz and Kai Rosenkranz that originated at German games mag Games Aktuell (links to the originals with each translation). Here's a snip:

What is your job and what are you doing the whole day?
My name is Björn Pankratz. I am a game designer, story writer and the project leader at Piranha Bytes. My areas of activitys are very ambitious and interesting. Design concepts and game situations, write dialogs, implement quests. Project planning, operational procedure, content-assets, controll features and so on. So I am running through the building one half of the day, and the other half of the day I'm sitting in front of my Computer and bring the oral developed events in an electronic form and wait.
More information.

doctor_kaz January 21st, 2008 21:54

Wow. Rosenkranz is only 27 years old? I would have never guessed that he's such a young SOB from the quality of the music in the Gothic games.

curiously undead January 21st, 2008 22:07

the creatively gifted, especially musicians, are usually long into establishing their careers before most of us can drive..

Boilerplate January 22nd, 2008 07:16

Concerning the "age" comment:

The thing about European RPG designers is that around 99/2000 they were going through their big "renaissance". It's sort of how like Richard Garriot started in the early 80s in his 20s. It's different when the artform is new and you don't have shareholders to please and no "Expectations" of what the game SHOULD be holding you back from makign the type of game you want to.

Europe's RPGs in the late 90s, early 00's: Arx Fatalis, Divine Divinity, Gothic 1, Gothic 2, Sacred, Archangel just to name a few, were very revolutionary and were much better then the watered down garbage we were getting over here at the time (Morrowind, NWN1).

So like Garriot, he probably grew up playing tabletop RPGs (Or old PC RPGs, since up until recently most modern games didn't make it to them in a timely fashion, or at all) and drew upon those childhood experiences for the basis for his game.

Doesn't shock me that he's 5 years younger then me. what does shock me, however, is that he isn't as well known and idolized as "Lord British" once was.

January 22nd, 2008 14:32


Give us the 3 biggest projects of the history of humanity, which were getting stoped.

Hannibals campaign against the Romans

Rattler 2, escape from Las Vegas with Kurt Russel

The face of Michael Jackson

That made me laugh so hard!

Gorath January 22nd, 2008 17:26

The movie he is refering to is of course Escape from L.A.. The first movie was called Die Klapperschlange (= The Rattlesnake) in German. The sequel had to be connected to it somehow.

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