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sauzer October 31st, 2006 23:12

montera quest (wolves)
i have a quest where i have to slay the stray wolves in a cave around montera… i found it with about 6-7 stray wolves inside, killed em all, but still didnt get the quest complete message. is there more than one cave? the one i found is right outside montera, on the right side going back to ardea.

another question… is there a way to have a detailed view of the map? or just the one with the quests on the right? thx.

Maylander November 1st, 2006 00:21

You can press m to see a map where you actually see yourself marked on it. Also, you get maps over certain zones that are more detailed, accessed through the m key.

And that is definetly the right cave, should be one wolf at the beginning, then three more, and four or so in the final room where you also find Wenzels Sword. If it's not completed, either something got bugged or the last wolf has dissappeared. I'd go back to town, sleep, and go back to the cave to see if the last wolf has appeared.

sauzer November 1st, 2006 00:26

with 'm' i open a window with books and letters, alchemy formulas, documents and so on… i dont see any map there?

and yeah i killed the wolves in that cave, even slept in town and went back, but no luck. :/ am i the only one with this problem? thx!

Maylander November 1st, 2006 00:41

Maps are located on the right tab in the m menu. If the map tab is empty, go to a merchant and buy a world map, and you can see it there.

There are two caves in the wolf area, one bandit cave and one wolf cave. Sometimes one of the wolves end up in the bandit cave or the other way around. If that hasn't happened, then the wolf has probably "fallen through the world" as some creatures/NPCs do, and I don't know the code for getting to a particular wolf.

Metator November 6th, 2009 13:37

i got similar problem. i killed some wolf and then ran away from cave and some wolf pursued me. when i returned the cave was empty and quest was not completed. so i had to find wolf on the road and kill it to finish quest.

Zaleukos January 4th, 2010 18:36

sometimes the wolves fall through the cave floor into "the void". G3 has pretty serious problems with that. A reload sometimes help, but not always.

I've had King Rhobar fall through the castle floor and end up on the "bottom" of the ball that is the barrier around Vengard. Very surreal experience.

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