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magerette January 29th, 2008 00:59

Hellgate London - Stonehenge Trailer @ GameVideos
GameVideos.com has a short (2:17 min) hd trailer up showcasing the new Stonehenge content for Flagship's action rpg, Hellgate:London. You can see it here.
More information.

Melvil January 29th, 2008 00:59

lemme guess…/puts his hand on Sauron's scrying stone…, there will be rocks, and more rocks, and hills that look a little like that hill you just saw in the last level….then there will be zombies and demons…then that hill again…..

Ionstormsucks January 29th, 2008 11:01

Be thankful - the guys from Flagship gave us a blueprint "how not to design a game". I recently bought the game (because I was tempted by the setting) - I could as well just have flushed the money down the toilett… the 2 seconds or so that the notes need to vanish in a whirlpool of water would probably have been more fun than this Hellgate piece of crap.

txa1265 January 29th, 2008 12:25

I still think it is a matter of expectations.

Maylander January 29th, 2008 15:59

I agree with Mike, it's all a matter of what you expect.

zakhal January 29th, 2008 18:53

Im with mike.

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