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Dhruin January 29th, 2008 08:53

Fallout 3 - Preview @ CVG
CVG has a Fallout 3 preview penned by Playstation mag, PSW. It's based on the same demo all the other previews have been based on and, presumably because they're a Playstation magazine, the copy is pretty introductory. Interestingly, seven newish screens accompanied the article but have since been changed for older ones - although NMA nabbed them before they were taken down.

One thing that was made clear to us when we were playing it was that this is not an FPS, and Bethesda are keen to stress this point, it is an RPG that integrates guns into its gameplay mechanics. This is nothing like Call Of Duty - it's far deeper.
More information.

Dagon January 29th, 2008 08:53

Nothing new + The Screenshots looks really ugly, and it's not only the problem of art direction, the graphics looks old, compare those screens to the ones from Bioshock for example. Okay Bioshock has much better art direction, but still the models have more polygons, better looking effects etc.
Of course the graphics aren't important part of Fallout games, but somehow I doubt that Bethesda will write great dialogs in the great story with the great characters and amazing atmosphere.
SuperMutant with skulls looks very stupid and the only thing that comes to my mind when I see it is "what the hell is Ogre Mage doing in Post Apocalyptic setting…".
The only good thing that i see on these screenshots is architecture of buildings, which looks fallouty.

Wulf January 29th, 2008 10:53

O.k - it's a movable 3D First Person Perspective Shooter - oh how i long for the truth from Bethesda.

(RPG = Really Powerful Gun)

Prime Junta January 29th, 2008 13:38

I like the looks of Megaton, but please God let them do something about those supermutants. They're just… wrong.

p53 January 29th, 2008 13:59

FAR DEEPER than CoD? My Gosh - far deeper than the best selling game of 2007?? How deep that's gonna be? Some may not make it (or require 8 weeks correspondence course)…

Jeez - when I see such comments on games that are trying hard to be cRPGs, I remid myself that we're still in Middle-Ages of gaming. And we're in for another 10+ years of game clones and tech race. Only when that's going to start boring people, serious subjects, problems, compexity and maturity is going to find its stable niche in games. I hope.

Squeek January 29th, 2008 15:38

Apparently, NMA has been right about Fallout 3 all along. Shooter. Yeah.

Prime Junta January 29th, 2008 16:11

I thought we knew all along that this is what combat would look like in it. By itself, these don't say anything at all about how RPG-ish it is.

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