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woges March 4th, 2008 23:42

Lineage 2 - The Chaotic Throne review @ CVG
A less than impressed review of this patch for Lineage II by Kieron Gillen (3.8/10). Here's a clip:

A handful of quests are available, but they're either simple running back and forth between NPCs, placed distantly on the sprawling faux-epic levels, or simply something that gives you a little more money or an item for killing a load of the monsters you're standing in a field with.

And playing as a Kamael fighter, I have a tiny number of tools with which to do so - none of which can distract me from the fact that I'm just pressing F1 and F2 until all the monsters die.
More information.

Greymane March 4th, 2008 23:42

Quoting from the review:
"But in a world with everything from WoW to City of Heroes to Tabula Rasa, that a game like this can still be considered acceptable entertainment sickens and saddens me. To play this as long as it demands is simply a waste of your life. Please, don't do it."

Ok, that made me laugh.

And I agree with him.

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