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Dhruin November 2nd, 2006 15:39

Geneforge 4 - Preview @ Inside Mac Games
Inside Mac Games has a preview of Geneforge 4 based on the Mac beta. Here's a snip on some of the differences to prior generations:

First off, Geneforge 4 completely departs from past games in the series by offering five classes to pick from (as opposed to the original three): Warrior (same as a Guardian), Infiltrator (Agent), Lifecrafter (Shaper), Shock Trooper, and Servile. That's right; at last you can truly represent those poor oppressed Serviles, funny nose and all.
Secondly, very soon after starting a new game I realized that Geneforge 4's world is much more active and interesting than past Spiderweb games thanks to a large number of graphical enhancements. Two of the most obvious ones were weather effects and small environmental animations.
More information.

txa1265 November 2nd, 2006 15:39

Very nice and detailed preview - so few provide so much info! Sounds great, Jeff just keeps going! Makes me wish I had made it into this Mac beta … :(

Arma November 3rd, 2006 23:37

Indeed. Every new Geneforge makes me think into buying a Mac …

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