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purpleblob March 19th, 2008 09:02

Gem mine
well… I've already lost one of the spirit while I was figuring out the puzzle… I've roamed around the hallway like 10times and still can't find that damned spirit… anyone know a cheatcode to just transfer all 6 spirits to tree or some way to find spirits easier? it's hard to see them when you've lost them.. *sigh*

jmurdock March 19th, 2008 21:01

Do you have a light spell handy? They are easier to see with one on. Which spirit did you lose? I don't think there is a cheat code for this one.

They go to the nearest intersection near a ghost light when you first tell them to move.

purpleblob March 20th, 2008 00:01

can ghost get killed? it was an elven female spirit who blames some dwarf dude for the pain he caused to gaurdian or something. I will try the light spell. I'm praying that spirits cant get killed. Or I will either have to reload or start from the beginning again (if i dont have earlier save). *SIGH*

jmurdock March 20th, 2008 17:03

I don't think they can be killed. I always saw they were ignored by enemies and you can't hurt them since they friendly.

Start at the intersection near her door.

purpleblob March 24th, 2008 08:33

well I just found out I've got a save right before I've entered the gem mine. So I suppose it isnt too bad *thank god*

Maylander March 26th, 2008 13:52

I assume this is the mine where you have to lead the ghosts from various corners to the center? It's really quite easy, they can never pass any areas where the lights are on, so just take the lights off in a straight path to the center, leave everything else on, and then talk to the ghost so it starts to move. Keep clicking on the ghost in every small area where it stops, and it will continue to go towards the center.

And no, the ghosts can't die or in any way vanish. They simply walk where the lights allow them (where the lights are off).

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