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purpleblob March 25th, 2008 06:14

Strange area
ok, I've just been to west harbour in chap 2. I'm suppose to go to Crossroad keep again but instead I keep ending up at the area called "forest" and I can't get out. There isn't amu leaving circles…. I've tried reloading many times and restarting game but same thing happens no matter what I do. Anyone encountered this prob and know how to fix this? :\

Maylander March 26th, 2008 14:46

Tried going anywhere else? What quest are you on? Is there any sort of sequence when you enter the forest area (there are times where you get interrupted in your travels and have to do something specific in custom areas).

blatantninja March 26th, 2008 14:46

First you lose the gem mine ghosts, now this? Maybe the game is trying to tell you something! :D

purpleblob March 26th, 2008 23:41

yeah the game is telling me not to play this anymore. we will see who wins. although it forced me to reinstall bg2 again! (god I just cant stay away from that game! ;))

as for the gem mine, Ive reloaded earlier game and managed to gather all ghosts and as for the strange forest area it was fixed when I've d/l and installed newer patch…

if by end of next month, i still havent finished this game I might give up….

Prime Junta March 29th, 2008 14:35

I just started BG2 for the umpteenth time -- for some reason I never manage to stick with it. Do you have any good tips to maximize my enjoyment of it? Any suggestions classes to play, or to avoid, that sort of thing? This time around I rolled up a male Lawful Neutral human Wild Mage, and am putzing around Irenicus's prison once again.

purpleblob March 30th, 2008 01:32

I didn't really like wild mage. I prefer following classes: Cleric, Sorcerer, Fighter/Mage, Assassin, Kensai. For the stronghold quest, I liked mage or sorcerer the most. Cleric is sort of must have class and personally I take at least 2 clerics around. Anomen is really good cleric since he can tank a bit too while Viconia can cast more spells she is weak as hell. Also, if you complete Anomen side quest in certain way, his stats will improve as well. Sorcerer is more fun than mage (I'm sure you know why) and Fighter/Mage isn't bad because this class can tank and attack while casting spell as well. For this class, best armour in SoA would be the elven chain (it allows you to cast spells and improve your defence by heaps). Assassins are fun if you love backstabbing. For them, damage goes upto x7. Kensai can't wear armour but they chop you so hard. I had a lot of fun with dual wield kensai.

NPC is also important because they give you heaps of banters as well as side quests. Following NPCs have funny dialogues: Edwin, Minsc and Jan Jansen(although some ppl finding him really annoying! I think he was much better than Grobnar though. Jan is actually funny). If you are up for romance then Viconia is the best bet…. although Jaheira isn't too bad either. If you don't want too much whining, avoid romance… all three female romances do get really irritating due to incredible amount of whining.

My personal fav NPCs are: Keldorn, Anomen, Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc and Yoshimo. I'm neutral about: Edwin, Korgan, Viconia, Jan, Nalia, and Valygar. And I hate: Aerie, Mazzy, Cernd and Hae'darlis. Note that some of NPCs go through alignment change (Anomen and Viconia if you are romancing her) during their side quest/romance. Some of them will leave if you don't help them out.

Try to do all possible quests. Some quests like Sahuagin City was really fun. You meet this awesome beholder who has really funny banter.

One more thing: if you want to start game being really evil, think again. Cowled wizards and city gaurds will appear everytime you rest and basically whole game will end up as endless fight with them, unable to do anything else. Once you reach higher level (when you can cast timestop etc) then come back to athkatla and do whatever you want. Until then, you should have rep above 10 to make your life easier.

Prime Junta March 30th, 2008 12:49

Thanks a bundle, PB. I'll start over with a Fighter/Mage or Sorcerer.

purpleblob March 31st, 2008 11:19

np. Hope you have fun this time! :)

Prime Junta March 31st, 2008 11:45

Well, I did start over with a fighter/mage, and it is more fun. Actually, I started over twice; the first time I barged straight into that "clean up the keep" quest, without recruiting much of a party first, then got greedy in the room with the golems, and got stuck between a pissed-off iron golem and a bunch of umber hulks, without the means to defend myself against either.

The second time around, I did the circus quest and passed by the Copper Coronet; now I have a much more robust party.

(Playing on Hardcore.)

purpleblob April 1st, 2008 02:08

yeah circus and copper coronet quests are prob first 2 you should do coz it's easy enough for low lv chars. after that, I usually finish quests for renal at docks and rest of the quests given at docks. after that, bridge district should be next followed by temple district. I usually go outside of athkatla when I'm done with most of quests within the city. oh and since you are a mage, try to get the magic license asap.

Prime Junta April 1st, 2008 13:27

Thanks again, PB. I'm actually in the middle of the besieged-keep quest again; this time it went a lot better -- I figured out how to beat the golems and the umber hulks, lowered the drawbridge, and saved at what looks like a climactic confrontation with some kind of boss in a throne-room kind of thingy. But if that doesn't work out, I'll stick to Copper Coronet and getting a magic license next.

Arma April 1st, 2008 18:52

Exploring around town and doing smaller and character quests (the Curse on Jaheira is a favourite of mine since its good and easy to finish whether I keep her or not) tends to net me enough resources for undertaking one of the bigger quests (usually depending on the party I make).

And purpleblob, I would have to disagree on the Anomen vs Viconia argument. Ani is a mediocre cleric and a mediocre fighter as well, whereas Vici is an excellent cleric and a terrible fighter. Her only real points agains her are 1 - the low STR (9), and while it is a real drawback at first, STR enhancement items (belts, gloves) are not hard to come by even in the start of the game, and 2 - a negative (- 2) reputation bonus, which is pretty much non important by the end game. On the other hand I find Anomen way more annoying than he should be, even more so since he's the only female romance in game (I find myself offended with the sheer lack of variety). His stat upgrade is good, but even then Viconia has better statts. I give him credit he's a tiny bit more capable with the Crom Fayer.

God, you made me want to start up again, and even more, the de Arnice romance pack has finally come out.

Prime Junta April 1st, 2008 22:04

Oof, I completed that d'Arnise keep quest. That was a bit of a surprise. Perhaps I did it a bit too early, or sump'n -- I wasn't expecting that outcome, and the final battles were borderline impossible.

purpleblob April 1st, 2008 22:35

yeah but if you go back to de'Arnise hold later, trolls are tougher.

And about Anomen and Viconia --- I always found Anomen much more handy to have around. You are right about that Viconia isn't too bad when she gets strength enhancement item --- but that arguement applies to Anomen as well. When he gets his stats boosted up, I found Anomen more useful than Viconia. He is not medicore cleric IMO since he's not multi class cleric but dual class.

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