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Ubbax March 26th, 2008 22:18

Blizzard suing Glide Bot creator
It seems a Legal precedent is going to be set one way or the other concerning this behavior in MMORPG's.

Mr. Donnelly has admitted to selling more than 100,000 copies of Glide which sells for $25.00 US a copy.

Blizzard suing creator of the MMO Glider program


"Blizzard is suing Michael Donnelly, the creator of the MMO Glider program, which performs key tasks in the game automatically, such as fighting.

Both sides have submitted legal summaries to a court in Arizona.

Blizzard says Glide is a software bot which infringes the company's copyright and potentially damages the game.

In its legal submission to the court last week, the firm said: "Blizzard's designs expectations are frustrated, and resources are allocated unevenly, when bots are introduced into the WoW universe, because bots spend far more time in-game than an ordinary player would and consume resources the entire time." "
"Trust is good. Control is better."
Feliks Dzerzhinski, founder of the Soviet secret police

Ammon777 March 29th, 2008 08:01

I hope so, I really look down on cheaters.

Alrik Fassbauer April 1st, 2008 13:22

What does it do, actually ?

I only know Glide from the 3dfx chipset, but nothing else.

Ammon777 April 2nd, 2008 03:26

It makes it so your character fights mobs and loots them for money automatically, so you dont have to do anything. Used by gold farmers.

Masentaja April 2nd, 2008 11:36


Originally Posted by Ammon777 (Post 74310)
Used by gold farmers.

And honor farmers :D

April 2nd, 2008 13:25


Originally Posted by Masentaja (Post 74354)
And honor farmers :D

But not in a very honourable way. ((Sorry, Couldn't resist!))

Alrik Fassbauer April 2nd, 2008 13:29

Thanks for the info.

Korplem April 3rd, 2008 09:19

So… ehh… anybody know where I can get some golds or socks?

Cm April 3rd, 2008 15:09

:excited: I do I do!!:clap:

GothicGothicness April 4th, 2008 10:33

hehe, but seriously, If the game is that simple and monotomic as a bot can do it so well, isn't it a flaw of the game ?

Maylander April 4th, 2008 12:38

Actually, it can't do anything but run around in circles and collect loot really. There are bots doing the same in pretty much every type of farm game, from Diablo to WoW.

That doesn't mean the bots will ever get you any nice equipment or any such thing, but it will get you loads of crap items that turns into a small fortune when everything is added up.

GothicGothicness April 4th, 2008 13:21

Isn't your equipment limited? if it can't run to sell those objects it would get full quite fast?

woges April 5th, 2008 01:03

A lot of items stack so there is plenty of room for collecting in WoW.

Ammon777 April 7th, 2008 19:41

If they just merely kill mobs and pick up the gold, they dont have any limitations, they could run that way forever without worrying about item space in backpacks, since money doesnt take backpack space.

Ammon777 April 7th, 2008 19:43

So if you have 20 computers running bots all the time, you would get a lot of gold with minimal effort, over a couple weeks. And all you would have to do is casually monitor the bots…

Zakhary April 8th, 2008 08:46

Wow! That sounds like fun! Exactly what roleplaying is about! Casually Monitoring bots!

Ugh. MMORPG's are pure heresy. I'm going to leave this subforum
immediately because I'm starting to get rash all over my body.

Maylander April 9th, 2008 09:37

You can do the same in all hack'n slash collect-loot-RPGs too (such as Diablo). :)

Cm April 10th, 2008 15:38

Totally deveats the reasons for buying and playing the game to me. I have played WoW and getting money to buy skills, equipement, whatever, goes hand in hand with getting the levels you need to use the stuff. It is part of the RP of the game.

Ammon777 April 16th, 2008 02:52

Same here. I dont see any point in playing the game if I bought gold with money. Its more about the immersion of the game, not about how much gold I accumulate.

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