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Dhruin March 31st, 2008 23:14

Voodoo Extreme - Favourite RPG Series Poll
I failed to notice the poll while it was running but I see VoodooExtreme has tossed up the final results of their Favourite RPG Series poll and it's interesting to see how a wider audience view the genre. The top three are Baldur's Fate, Diablo and Elder Scrolls clustered close together with Fallout a little behind in 4th.
More information.

blatantninja March 31st, 2008 23:14

Interesting. Obviously, there are others they could add on, but looks like they hit the major ones. I'm surprised NWN isn't higher given the community support of the game.

Moorkh April 1st, 2008 00:25

A shame Ultima has fallen so far behind. I guess the balme for that is to be laid entirely at EA and their product policy's doorstep for ruining both our fun and their own franchise this way.

Alrik Fassbauer April 1st, 2008 00:44

I believe that from the younger gaming generation(s) no-one actually knows Ultima.

And it gets worse in the next years.

Turjan April 1st, 2008 00:56


Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer (Post 74147)
I believe that from the younger gaming generation(s) no-one actually knows Ultima.

Even some of the older gamers who had a significant other who hated computer games fall into this category :D.

I started with Might & Magic VI and Baldur's Gate. There, the decision is easy :).

guenthar April 1st, 2008 01:49

My top list would be:
1. Might and Magic (specifically 3 and world of xeen)
2. Ultima (all except 8 and 9)
3. Gothic
4. Gold Box
5. tie between Fallout and Final Fantasy
6. tie between Neverwinter Nights and KOTOR
7. The Elder Scrolls
8. Baldur's Gate

I never was able to get that interested in the Baldur's Gate games so that is why they are at 8 on my list. Diablo is also towards the top of my most detested series ever and also on my most detested games ever.

txa1265 April 1st, 2008 03:34

It is sad that the graphics in older games detract younger players so many times. I am working on replaying Might & Magic II for a 20th retrospective and it really isn't bad at all in my eyes - and my kids don't mind it either. But they have proven 'open for the experience' before (I swell with pride ;) )

blatantninja April 1st, 2008 04:54

It's all about getting used to it again. When I first start back an old game, it's painful, even with the nostalgia. But once I'm sucked in, the graphics no longer bother me at all.

Alrik Fassbauer April 1st, 2008 14:26

I have been looking into Might & Magic II, but although I really like the outdated graphics of Commander Keen, for example (hey, I always mention it when it comes to what I call for myself "old" games ! ;) ) , I just couldn't play it, because there was just too few to see, so to say.

zakhal April 1st, 2008 15:25

My choice would be krondor and ultima underworld series simply because they havent made games like that for long long time.

Bruticis April 1st, 2008 17:19

I'd have to say Bard's Tale, Wasteland, or any SSI goldbox.

Squeek April 1st, 2008 17:57

It's too hard to pick a favorite RPG series, IMO. I'd say TES, but then there are the two that weren't so hot…Gothic, but glitches ruined the second game for me and caused me not to buy the third…KOTOR, but it was never patched for ATI (and that's the card I had at the time), and the second game was never actually completed.

The Baldur's Gate games worked, and that's a nice feature.

magerette April 1st, 2008 18:33

It's always odd to me to see Diablo lumped in with all the rest--and I'm a fan of the game. It just doesn't seem to fit with games like Baldur's Gate.

I actually voted on this poll, for the Might and Magic series, and was happy to see it there as it's not nearly as mainstream as the other titles. I think it's also cool that Fallout scored higher than a more modern game like KotOR.

BillSeurer April 2nd, 2008 00:30


Originally Posted by Squeek (Post 74208)
KOTOR, but it was never patched for ATI (and that's the card I had at the time)

Huh? I played it on an ATI Radeon without problem. Dunno what patched I used, though.

Squeek April 2nd, 2008 00:38


Originally Posted by BillSeurer (Post 74275)
Huh? I played it on an ATI Radeon without problem. Dunno what patched I used, though.

It was widely discussed at KOTOR fan sites and on its official forums. The devs blamed ATI.

guenthar April 2nd, 2008 01:11

Zahkal: Krondor isn't a series but a game and a spiritual successor and not even in the same universe. I would have had that near the top if it was and you should read the books that Betrayal At Krondor is based upon from Raymond E. Feist. (if you haven't already)

BillSeurer April 2nd, 2008 01:25

I'm glad no one told my ATI card then!

Alrik Fassbauer April 2nd, 2008 01:55

ATI cards have some problems with games … The game "Cultures" for example is said to get a pinkish colour with the use of ATI cards …

NVidia cards are none better … Right now I experience that new cards are "too good to be true" which means that older games simply don't run with them.

Had I known this, I wouldn't have bought my NVidia-based 8600 GT card …

Lucky Day April 2nd, 2008 04:02

Missing is Wizardry and Bard's Tale.

With (relatively) recent and successful versions released of those games you'd think they might have gotten a few more votes than even Ultima.

purpleblob April 2nd, 2008 06:11

ppl still play diablo series so much? amazing. I thought there are enough MMORPGs to distract ppl from diablo series.

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