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Dhruin April 2nd, 2008 13:42

Grimoire - New Date
I don't normally go near Grimoire but Sandy sends word the site has been updated with a "July 2008" banner.
Don't shoot the messenger, please…
More information.

Amasius April 2nd, 2008 13:42

*shoots Dhruin*

You should have posted this yesterday… :p

dagoo7 April 2nd, 2008 15:18

Giving me the willies
I actually get a literal fright/shock/scare when I see references to this game. Its like a deranged ghost that has been living under the stairs since time immemorial jumping out at me. Reminds me that there is more in this universe than can be explained by our rational minds.

Reyla April 2nd, 2008 16:04

I'm not up on my Grimoire knowledge. Does it beat this game?


I signed up to beta test it in 1998.

txa1265 April 2nd, 2008 17:56

When I saw the news yesterday I just filed it with everything else I saw yesterday ;)

Brother None April 2nd, 2008 18:10

I LOL'd.

(word limit)

dduke April 2nd, 2008 18:17

Date is wrong, it's July 8002.
So he does have not to care about the release, cause he will die sooner than 2060(more or les)….

BillSeurer April 2nd, 2008 19:35

Didn't some people (besides whats-his-name the dev) actually play a beta of this last year?

Corwin April 3rd, 2008 00:43

I've played the beta twice all the way through!!

Bargeral April 3rd, 2008 01:55

I've seen the beta and played it too. It reminded me of the early might and magic - the kind were the map is a grid and each square is a step. I did not finish it, but that has more to do with my obsession with modern eye-candy than the game. Anyway, I just commented for the benefit of anyone that wonders if it really exists.

Brother None April 3rd, 2008 02:32

Grimoire is real?

Sounds like an urban legend, to me.

Dantre April 3rd, 2008 03:42

Great! Not only we're waiting forever for the game, even the website is now "coming soon". :rolleyes:

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