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blatantninja April 15th, 2008 17:44

How do YOU play NWN2? -Perspective Prefernce
So I loved NWN2, mainly for the party based play. However, being an old-school 3-d isometric lover, I generally played it from a very zoomed out, slightly off center top down perspective. (Did the same thing in U5:Lazarus as well).

Anyway, I always enjoy looking at the screenshots shown on the front page and I saw one on NWN2 which looked like a cut scene, but I didn't recognize it.

So I started clicking through and noticed that a large portion of the screen were either really zoomed in, or looked to be first person.

It was like looking at an entirely different game! I may have to replay, and play from this perspective as it's like a whole new world!

Prime Junta April 15th, 2008 18:00

I played it like you did -- top-down isometric. I tried, briefly, playing from the OTS perspective, but the camera control was so annoying it wasn't really feasible, and by the time they sorted out the camera (in MotB) I was so set in my ways I wouldn't change any more.

fatBastard() April 15th, 2008 18:45

Another thing is that playing a game in, what could almost be called, third person perspective screams for a proper keyboard control scheme but NWN2 just doesn't have one (unlike The Witcher which I played almost entirely in TP mode).

The more the characters "fill out the screen" the harder it is to control your character/party with the mouse because one tend to click on the characters instead of the ground quite often.

However, once my party has been committed to the battle I often zoom and pan the camera around to get a more cinematic view of the action (though once I encounter the same enemy type for the umpteenth time I tend to stay in the isometric view).

cutterjohn April 18th, 2008 16:20

The camera controls are so awful, that I ended up like most other people using the isometric perspective. It's too bad that they couldn't have done something useful like the OTS inmplementation in The Witcher, which works well for me.

(Also too bad that you couldn't zoom right up and make it a nearly first person view, as the graphics look best in OTS mode in both games, while the isometric views (I zoom all the way out) look about the same as NWN1's.)

Zakhary April 18th, 2008 22:54

I zoomed-out max. I wanna see the world I'm exploring, not look at the characters.
I really dislike 3rd person, but I like isometric cause it allows me to see much more - but to me, first person is the preferred camera angle.

purpleblob April 22nd, 2008 00:15

I play top-down so it's a bit like isometric view.

Dhruin April 22nd, 2008 00:31

Top-down, zoomed-out, as-near-isometric as I can make it. If the fading worked, I'd be happy for it to be locked there. Unfortunately, almost every time I walk through a door, I have to re-orient because the camera bounces around. It drives me bonkers and is the single biggest flaw in the game for me (just before not having party formation controls).

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