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Alrik Fassbauer April 15th, 2008 23:25

Where can I find help for the official NWN1 campaign ?
Hello, everyone,

I just would like to learn about web pages where I can find bits & pieces about the NWN1 OC.

I don't want really spoilers but rather … things I can't just make up in my mind. Hints, secrets, the like.
There are a few things I've found so far (mostly items), which i can't quite understand. That's why.
I don't need a game solution, I think everything is mostly self-explanatory … - except a few details.

Are there any pages you can recommend me ? And which ideally don't spoil me too much, but still give me some secrets at the same time ?

Thank you in advance,


Edit: I've seen that Gamebanshee has a nice site about it … But it doesn't tell my anything about multi-classing, for exammple.

Lucky Day April 17th, 2008 02:17

check out the Vault

httP://nwvault.ign.com - it has the best resources for anything NWN1 or 2

also check out the official forums of course - nwn.bioware.com. Naturally there are forums for the OC's.

Word to the wise, the thing has been heavily criticized for its lack of depth (compared to BG). I never thought one way or another (except that it was too "actiony") because I only treated it as a sample for the Toolset.

Alrik Fassbauer April 17th, 2008 03:35

Well, I have currently some fun with the OC … The expansions come next (and I thought I had been at the nd when I was finishing Act I ! ;) )

With the help of the RPGDot site, Gamebanshee and an German-language site I found what i needed.

The only thing I'm currently looking for is a complete list of receipes for crafting things.

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