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Corwin May 1st, 2008 05:29

Frayed Knights - Pilot Released for FREE Download
I've just finished playing the Frayed Knights Pilot and while I enjoyed it, despite a few minor complaints (mainly the controls ) I was left wondering if it's really an RPG, or simply an Adventure game with some rpg elements, like random combat!!

I have never cared for playing with pre-generated characters and that's what you're stuck with, for specific game design purposes. Where's the ROLE playing? These aren't 'real' characters, but comedic ones. They remind me more of Monkey Island than a normal RPG. ( I love MI ) I worry that this aspect could deter many people from trying the game.

Don't misunderstand me; I think RC has the makings of a great game that will be a lot of fun to play, but serious rpg players will definitely criticise these design choices. I have no problem accepting an Adventure/RPG hybrid. Like many here I bought, played and enjoyed all the Quest for Glory games. Perhaps this will be the spiritual successor to those games; I certainly hope so.

Final verdict:- Get it, play it and decide for yourself if you think you would enjoy the final product. I know I will!! It's still on my Games to Buy list. :)

GothicGothicness May 1st, 2008 11:21

Just wait till my project is finished for all your RPG and character creation needs! The walking speed is way too slow, couldn't finish it. Hope he release a new version where they walk faster.

Corwin May 1st, 2008 14:02

Frayed Knights - Pilot Released for FREE Download
Jay Barnson, the Rampant Coyote has just released the Demo Pilot for his Indie RPG Frayed Knights. All the details are on his Blog page including links to two download sites. Grab this one quickly and give Jay some feedback. He has some novel ideas and a game with humour as part of its design has got to be worth trying.
More information.

drum May 1st, 2008 14:02

Wow! Didn't expect this so soon.
Let's give it a try!

RampantCoyote May 1st, 2008 18:28

Well, the full version is going to be a little ways off still. The feedback I've gotten back from the pilot has been overwhelmingly positive, but with some very valuable criticism that I really need to address. It's actually exceeded my expectations a great deal.

A "revised pilot" may be in the making. Combat, random encounters, movement, and UI are pretty high on people's list of "must fix" issues.

Some days I really wish I'd not gone 3D, as it introduces SO many little issues you don't have to deal with at all in 2D. But - I gotta admit, I'm having a blast doing it, troubles and all.

Melvil May 1st, 2008 18:51

I love the MM6-8 feel of your game, mouse look was something I feel could be better, but considering the style of the game, it might not be necessary at all (I just like to look around).

You made the random encounters logical for the most part, but i didn't quite get the hang of how I was actually disarming things or how I could tell if i was doing it right. Casting spells out of combat also seemed wierd to me, but maybe i'm just being a late night noob.

Can't wait till release

GothicGothicness May 1st, 2008 19:36

I posted on a lot of places you have to increase walking speed. HEHE.

RampantCoyote May 1st, 2008 20:10

Heh - I assumed a lot of people were complaining about walking speed. Maybe it was just you … a lot … ;)

But you know what they say about the squeaky wheel. Actually, current plans don't include a change in walking speed, but an introduction of running. But we'll see and experiment. It may just be one too many complications.

GothicGothicness May 1st, 2008 20:38

yeah, running would also be fine! Just as long as it can go faster! I go nuts when it takes 1 minute to go around one end of the room to the other! I can't even finish the game hehe. I think others did too not only me!

RampantCoyote May 2nd, 2008 07:27

As far as character creation and so forth is concerned…

No, you cannot create characters from scratch. This IS a game about very specific characters - the plot is built around that. (And hey - don't you remember those pre-gen characters used in D&D tournaments back in the late 70's and early 80's? Pregens have a long and noble tradition in Pen & Paper Games).

The pilot didn't have enough scope to show the leveling system, which does involve some customization at each level. But after a few levels, YOUR Frayed Knights will be a little different from everyone else's Frayed Knights. That may not work for some folks, and I'm okay with that. But I do feel it's quite a bit further into RPG territory than Adventure Game territory (though I'm stealing all the cools I can from any genre…)

Alrik Fassbauer May 9th, 2008 16:15

I've just begun it.

My first points of criticism are

- no hint that i need the RIGHT mouse key for walking. I had assumed the left one (what does it anyway in the 3D environment ? Except touching, of course.)

- chosing D3D for graphics results in a heavy … "jittering" across the screen. OpenGL looks much, much better (and stable) on my machine (Gainward graphics card with the GeForce 8600 GT).

- the "drama points" and the "drama point menu" are not explained. what is it / are those ?

That's enough for now, and, well, I'm still at the beginning …

I'll fill in the query when I've finished.

Alrik Fassbauer May 9th, 2008 20:50

Well, I've finished it now, and found the ending rather depressing, although fun of some sorts.
I've also noticed/found the text document edplaining the controls etc. . I must've missed it.
I though it would be a very good idea to include it or a similar thing as an in-game help system of some sorts.

Overall it was fun.

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