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Dhruin May 1st, 2008 15:09

Mount & Blade - AAR @ RPS
Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Kieron Gillen has penned a humorous After Action Report on the first couple of hours playing with the new Mount & Blade release. Apparently the new version has a bug, which can see you starting in the wilderness and under-equipped -- just the thing for some mayhem:

I go to see the Lord and see if there’s any missions that I could possibly complete. Good grooming leads to him not caring about my disrobed state, and he points me in the direction of a murderer to hunt down. Since I’m playing on standard difficultly – so I’m a lot harder than the average combatant – I figure I could deal with this. I head to the shops, and see what my coins can buy. Firstly, some chicken, as a man’s got to eat. Secondly, a weapon and some armour. The only thing I can afford is a big stick and a woman’s dress. This is me, cross-dressing…
Sexy, I know. I head off the the village where the murder was rumoured to be hiding. I get there with no trouble. When I say “no Trouble” I mean “I met a rampaging group of bandits, was captured, dragged around the country for a few days, then escaped”, but since I only had a handful of coins, I couldn’t lose much. In the village, I question a few of the locals, then head up to the nervous looking guy near the windmill and beat him unconscious with my awesome stick of twattage.
More information.

screeg May 1st, 2008 15:09

Nice overview of the sort of free-roaming slaughter you can expect in the game. Anyone who doesn't reflexively despise reflex-based combat would be a fool to pass up the demo.

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