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Dhruin May 3rd, 2008 00:09

Bethesda Softworks - Attending E3
After the ESA apparently sent out an E3 list that excluded Bethsoft, the Bethblog has word they will be there, along with Fallout 3:

Yes, Bethesda Softworks will be at this yearís E3 in LA.
Yes, we will have Fallout 3 there.
No, I donít know why the ESA sent out a list that did not include us, just like they did last year. Maybe itís because the had to go to print at a certain point and we hadnít picked our space yet. No idea.
But weíll be there and so will Fallout 3.
More information.

Brother None May 3rd, 2008 00:09

E3 participant list available here

What's way more interesting than the "Bethesda is coming" (which we already knew), is the fact that Activision-Vivendi isn't.

Dhruin May 3rd, 2008 00:22

It's interesting from a business perspective but not from a game perspective for me.

Brother None May 3rd, 2008 00:24

Well, if Blizzard was to announce Diablo 3 anywhere, E3 might have made sense, though that's not really Blizzard's style anyway.

Reyla May 4th, 2008 01:22

Blizzard has it's own E3.


doctor_kaz May 4th, 2008 07:52

NCSoft is skipping E3 too. I wonder how many other major publishers will do this.

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