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Gorath May 7th, 2008 15:34

JoWooD - Successful Year 2007
JoWooD published their financial report for the business year 2007. The merged JoWooD / Dreamcatcher group increased its revenue to 22.832 TEUR (+50.2%) and earned 2.406 TEUR (+19%). A good result considering the dramatic restructuring both companies had to undergo in the last few years.
The report reveals that JoWooD is in a legal dispute with their former co-publisher Koch Media / Deep Silver.
More information.

Prime Junta May 7th, 2008 15:34

Uh… what's a TEUR? If it's a tera-Euro, I need to buy me some JoWooD. :p

Edit: It's thousands of EUR, but those numbers still don't make much sense. 22.832 TEUR is the same as 22,832 EUR, which is… not a lot. Maybe they mean 22,832 TEUR, or 22,832,000 EUR. Damn decimal points…

Gorath May 7th, 2008 15:48

Yes, itīs thousand Euros. The points are used every three digits to make it more readable.

I posted three similar newsbits at once to make the comparison between the 3 publishers easier.

("Teuro", the "eu" pronounced as in "oil" is also a German slang name for our currency which includes the "t" from "teuer" (= expensive), hinting at the fact that many things have the same price in EUR they had in DM a couple of years ago and thus are effectively almost twice as expensive. Thatīs certainly not what they mean here though.)

Prime Junta May 7th, 2008 16:57

I guess German is like Finnish WRT decimal points and mille separators -- comma for the decimal point, period for the mille separator. So, 1.000.000,00.

In English it's the other way around: 1,000,000.00. Since English was the language of the press release, they should've used that convention. I was genuinely confused by the numbers, not just being facetious.

Gorath May 7th, 2008 17:14

The article on the JoWooD site is in German.

Ragon der Magier May 7th, 2008 19:37


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 78834)

("Teuro", the "eu" pronounced ass in "oil" …

Wait a minute! - "Ass"!? o_o
Pleaaaase, Gorath! Mind your manners! :roll:

Gorath May 7th, 2008 19:49

Fucking spelling-nazi! :p :lol:

Alrik Fassbauer May 8th, 2008 00:37

I'd call it TEURO. ;)

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