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Dhruin May 14th, 2008 10:22

Scars of War - The Gingerbread Villa
A minor update at the Scars of War blog, with Gareth showing a sun-drenched villa model coming together, starting with some concept art that didn't quite hit the mark.
More information.

Dagon May 14th, 2008 10:22

Looks great I can't believe it's on Torque Engine

GhanBuriGhan May 14th, 2008 12:07

Hope Gareth will persevere with this enormous effort. What I learned about the game so far sure seems promising. Bu taking something like this on alone seems a daunting task at best, doomed at worst. I keep my fingers crossed.

Naked Ninja May 14th, 2008 20:59

Thanks guys. :)

@ Dagon : Art style is far more of a factor in determining what looks good and what doesn't than engine capability. A good artist can do wonders with even an old engine, and a bad artist can make the CryEngine look like crap. Not implying I'm a good artist, heh, but I do try my best. ;)

Dagon May 15th, 2008 00:19

Hey Gareth, are you doing this whole game only by yourself? :O
I'm impressed, can't wait to play it!

Naked Ninja May 16th, 2008 14:34

I am, although I occasionally buy pieces of artwork/textures/sounds from contractors, and thanks. ;)

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