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Dhruin May 31st, 2008 02:08

Space Siege - New Trailer
Word from Gas Powered Games is…

We've released a new trailer for Space Siege, and not only does it show off lots of great in-game footage, it also shows what Seth Walker looks like when he's fully cybered-up. To watch the video, head on over to Game Trailers. Space Siege will be available on the PC later this summer.
More information.

Lucky Day May 31st, 2008 02:08

Wow, this summer? Dragon Age is still a pipe dream and already the third version of DS is ready.

Have a look at this trailer. You'll see actual gameplay mixed in with the cutscenes and I'm impressed with the graphics. DS2' were such an embarrassment, now I see what the art staff at GPG were working on when that came out. That's a good sign.

Let's just hope for some sort of narrative game better than DS2's and maybe a toolset that's usable - but let's not count on it and be too disappointed.

Sir Markus May 31st, 2008 14:22

I actually enjoyed DS2; I thought the expansion was garbage, though, especially in respect to the artwork and lack of color. It was drab and uninteresting. The artwork/graphics in Space Siege look nice. I'd like to get a look at the interface and stuff, but I think I'll play this one when it comes out regardless.

Lucky Day May 31st, 2008 17:57

Well DS2 didn't stop "playing itself" which put me off, other than the out of date graphics..which were actually state of the art when DS1 came out. There was a move to try and get their graphics over to NWN until MS and he Vault put a kibosh to it. Those two reasons are why DS2 was so disappointing to me.

In the trailer it doesn't appear that the companions do all the work but until I get a demo or a copy in my hands to test I just don't know. It looks cool though.

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