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Dhruin June 12th, 2008 17:12

Disciples III - Screens @ Official Site
Five new Disciples III screens can be found at Akella. Looking nice.
More information.

Turok June 12th, 2008 17:12

Nice graphics, hope the game go out soon.
Jaguar xj220

magerette June 12th, 2008 17:56

One of those looks like some kind of underworld. Interesting. Hope we actually do see it in Quarter 3 2008.

xSamhainx June 12th, 2008 22:02

glad to see it still has the same grim look and feeling.

titus June 13th, 2008 08:25

MMM nevcer played any of the Disciples games. Can anyone fill me in a little bit more because to me it just looked like an RTS?

magerette June 14th, 2008 01:54

The earlier games were pretty much pure turn-based fantasy strategy, titus. Closer to the Heroes of Might & Magic series than anything else. Hard, but fun, with lots of long campaigns and single-player scenarios. This one is by a new developer team, but it seems to be following in the footsteps of Disciples I-II. It's out in a cheap bundle now as Disciples II Gold, so if you wanted to try it out it shouldn't cost much. :)

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