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magerette June 16th, 2008 09:25

Mass Effect - Review @ TTGamer
TweakTown Gamer has posted their review of the PC version of Bioware's Mass Effect, giving it 8.5 of 10:

On the surface, Mass Effect appears to be quite an average RPG, but the three distinct elements that create the whole gameplay package are quite well done, and work very well with each other. The first element, and one you'll experience basically straight away in the game, is the character to character dialogue system. You will spend a good portion of this game talking to other characters across all species to probe for information, build relationships, and even flirt given time. To say this character to character interaction is implemented well is a severe understatement, as it's quite easily one of the best ever dialogue systems seen in the gaming world before, if not the very best.
The other two elements the reviewer finds to be done extremely well are combat and space travel and exploration.

More information.

Thaurin June 16th, 2008 09:25

After finishing Eternal Sonata, I've started up Mass Effect on Xbox 360 again. I hope I'll finish it this because I hate loose ends, but there's just too many good games out there!

I have to say that the character models and faces are superb. And on the PC they're supposed to be even better without some of the jaggies. Anyone here play the PC version yet? Haven't heard anything about it yet.

JDR13 June 16th, 2008 09:33

I'm still waiting for the "Bring Down the Sky" extra content to be available.

I'm disappointed and a little annoyed that something that was promised to be available at launch still hasn't been released 3 weeks later.

Remus June 16th, 2008 13:15

On PC (1680*1050) the ME looks great. There's discussion on the game in the General RPG sub-forum.

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