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Myrthos November 6th, 2006 19:42

The Broken Hourglass
More information.

Khass November 6th, 2006 19:42

Might as well kick off the game comment forums.

Anybody else here believing this game sounds darn interesting? The magic system is very nice, offers some new strategies, but I can't help but feel something isn't going to go right with this game …

Cormac November 7th, 2006 00:16

It's one of the RPGs I'm looking the most forward to, after Gothic 3. The magic system sounds interesting and the team really seems to know what they want to accomplish. Of course I'd prefer TB combat instead of real time with pause, but you can't fight progress it seems :'(

Corwin November 7th, 2006 03:35

I'm hopeful that this will be one of my key buys down the track. I love finding little gems from small developers; I still remember taking a punt on the original Gothic. I had to order from the UK, which is NOT cheap, but am I ever glad I did!! :)

txa1265 November 7th, 2006 14:49

Added that to my 'watch list' ;) I agree Corwin - sweet to find these little gems!

Arma November 11th, 2006 10:39

Ranks third on my expected list. The story so far sounds quite interesting. Highly reminiscent of Baldur's Gate with some nice tweaks to the character system that remind me of Arcanum.

zakhal May 8th, 2007 21:06

Lifes too short for another series of baldur's gate style games. I still need to finish over half of them.

But yeah I added that to my watchlist.

Benedict June 8th, 2007 14:41

They definitely know their target audience, none of this flashy but vacuous sales hype, just lots of releases about the detailed statistical workings of the game. Far more exciting, to a stats nerd like me anyway.

purpleblob January 8th, 2008 09:23

I'm hoping this game will turn out very much like bg2. I have high expectation for this game as well because ppl from pocketplane have come up with really fantastic bg2 mods! they make beautiful mods, they do! although I'm a bit disppointed that surayah mod because they are working on broken hour glass. aww.

KazikluBey January 8th, 2008 19:06

I realize there have been holidays and stuff going on, with the developers probably being quite busy, but already when the news were posted about the latest update "Stagnation and Death: A Look at Tolmira's Pantheon" I got extremely worried that they were terminating development, before reading the second half of the headline. That Jason Compton mentioned they had exceeded their budget in an interview didn't help my pessimism. After that we've had what I believe is the longest time span between updates since the site was launched, with the clock still counting. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing more about the project.

magerette January 8th, 2008 19:27

I also am a bit apprehensive at this point, KazkluBey. I check almost every day in case of an update and as you say, it's been quite awhile. I also find it a bit worrying that we never seem to get any updated screenshots, concept art, etc that would indicate ongoing development. I hope all these fears are groundless and they've just hit a temporary snag or two, because i really like the looks of this game world. :)

purpleblob January 9th, 2008 01:49

yes, lets hope the project wont be abandoned due to budget or some other kind of problems.

btw happy birthday magerette! just noticed while browsing forum

magerette January 9th, 2008 03:30

Thanks very much. At my age it's more a chill than a thrill, but it beats the alternative. ;)

I haven't had a chance to welcome you to the boards but I love it when other females have the excellent gaming taste to join us here. Please plan to stick around and help mitigate the testosterone levels. :)

Dhruin January 9th, 2008 03:56

Well, let's send an email off to Jason and see what he says. *sends email*

purpleblob January 9th, 2008 05:30

any answer yet? ;) I suppose I can ask in pocketplane forum as well. I know he is active in that forum since De'Arnise romance has just been released.

Dhruin January 9th, 2008 07:10

Actually - yes. Jason writes that he is about to take a very short holiday/trip but TBH is still very much a going concern. More to come soon, hopefully.

jcompton January 29th, 2008 08:25

As it is, I vacation very poorly--I don't like missing work, I worry about what I'm missing at home, then I finally get into the swing of things and it's time to come back and I find I don't want to work anymore…

…and then, somewhere between Denver and Madison, my wife and I pick up the Demon Cold of Debilitating Destruction. Aiee.

The concern is appreciated, but the December/January quiet on the PWG site was simply due to the usual combination of holiday nonsense, vacations and illnesses included. We'll get back to a healthier, less concern-inducing update schedule soon.

It would actually help us a bit if we had some additional questions to answer. Particularly on the rules-and-game-mechanics front, which are popular pieces, I feel like we've already fired most of our bullets. What do you want to hear more about in our soon-to-be-resumed Monday updates?

Dhruin January 29th, 2008 10:28

Thanks, Jason. I'll put my thinking cap on and come up with some stuff.

Obviously, many folks would like more media and details on the progress as well.

jcompton January 29th, 2008 17:56

I'm not looking for anything formal. If there's something you want to hear more about, just shout it out. ("Explain that d80 thing again!" or "Let's hear more about the NPCs!" or whatever.)

magerette January 29th, 2008 18:36

Thanks for the response, Jason. Sorry to hear about the dreaded winter onslaught of illness, and hope you and your wife are all better.

In regards to specific things I personally would like I'd say my top request would be something visual. As you know, I enjoy your fiction pieces on the game world, and the game mechanics are always interesting, but I'm not able to visualize what your game is actually going to look like too well. :)

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