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Dhruin July 10th, 2008 03:30

Dragon Age - Subtitled "Origins", Trailer Friday?
I'm getting tired of refreshing the Dragon Age page, so I'm going to run with this snippet and then go to work. If anything signficant happens, we'll update or remove this post.
On the Qt3 forums, Sluggo (GameSpy PC editor) posted a short press release (snippet?) they received:

Dragon Age™: Origins, the highly anticipated dark fantasy epic from leading video game developer BioWare is set to be shown during E3 2008! Beginning with a world exclusive trailer on GameTrailers TV, airing this Friday night at 1:00 AM on Spike TV and Spike HD, fans will get their first look at Dragon Age™: Origins before it is shown to media during E3 2008, July 15-17. The trailer will be available in high definition after it airs on TV at www.gametrailers.com.
So, presumably the teaser page will announce the new title and we'll see a trailer very late Friday and more from E3. Or something like that.
More information.

Lucky Day July 10th, 2008 03:30

lol. reminds me of the NWN2 prerelease toolset fiasco.

edit: its up now.

danutz_plusplus July 10th, 2008 07:18

Lol. We wait hours upon hours for the announcement that there will be a trailer released tomorrow. And here's confirmation that DA will be at E3 2008.

Dhruin July 10th, 2008 07:24

Lame, lame, lame.

Lobotomist July 10th, 2008 08:29

Major fail

Avantenor July 10th, 2008 13:03

Very soon
Not yet, but soon
After the launch of ME
in the netx time
soon, really

Trailer: I personally expect a slide show of the known screenshots and artworks. Then, as a special highlight, we get an announcement for more info to come in the next few months. ;)

Alrik Fassbauer July 10th, 2008 13:41

This reminds me of a certain contest at the official Enya forum.

Since then, the term "shortly" has a very special and highly ironic meaning among Enya fans.

zakhal July 10th, 2008 13:43

Since they didnt actually reveal anything abt dragon age I hope they spent that time working on the mass effect dlc for pc. They said very soon before release month(s) ago. Ive been refreshing the page for weeks now.

Dyspaire July 10th, 2008 13:50

The opening cinematic. A 20-minute gameplay video, with informative commentary. A website chock full of well-presented lore and artwork.

Come on, Bioware! The gauntlet has been thrown down, and the standard has been raised…

Say what you want about the actual role-playing in Blizzard games… that was a hell of an unveiling they just had.

Kayla July 10th, 2008 15:29


Originally Posted by zakhal (Post 86292)
Since they didnt actually reveal anything abt dragon age I hope they spent that time working on the mass effect dlc for pc. They said very soon before release month(s) ago. Ive been refreshing the page for weeks now.

Derek French commented on QT3 that Bioware was releasing information this week on Mass Effect, Dragon Age and NWN, so I think the Mass Effect DLC is really close.

Dyne July 10th, 2008 17:18

Wow, that reveal was a big heap of rubbish. They get the work experience kids to knock that one out? On the back of Blizzard's BIG reveal, Bioware are made to look like chumps.

magerette July 10th, 2008 18:08

After all these years, this is all they have to talk about? No website launch, no details, just a promo for Spike TV? :rolleyes:I usually get fed up with the Bioware hype and PR going overboard in the opposite direction, though, so I guess I can't bitch at them showing a little restraint.

woges July 10th, 2008 18:43

And meh! @ Spike TV.

kalniel July 10th, 2008 19:37

Am I going against the flow of the thread again to say that actually I was pleased?

This was the reveal as seen through the eyes of kalniel:

Expectations: Looks like the dragon age logo and the splash underneath will just say 'coming soon' 'for the PC' 'coming 2009' or something similar.

As I saw it:
1) Oooh nice weathered, grimy and intricate logo.. they aren't going for the cartoony feel here.
2) Dragon Age: Origins… cool - sounds much better.. it's obviously the beginning of something and as I have a bit of a lore fetish this might suit me.. also suggests more to come in the future - establishment of Dragon Age as a franchise akin to NWN.
3) ooo that's like a map in the background, and there's hills and forests and stuff. I like outdoorsy games.
4) trailer coming soon.. that's cool - it's not just a product announcement
5) World builders… wow. Didn't expect a world building aspect.. neat that they have some 'epic' news for us at some point, also nice that they've set up a mailing list just for this.

So that was quite a few things I got out of the website that I didn't know before, hence to me it served its purpose.

Certainly I'm glad they didn't wait until they had a completely polished game done before even confirming the project.

doctor_kaz July 10th, 2008 19:37


Originally Posted by woges (Post 86337)
And meh! @ Spike TV.

GameTrailers TV is pretty good, since it's hosted by Geoff Keighley. Best (if not the only) true journalist in the business IMHO. Plus this means it will be in HD.

Alrik Fassbauer July 10th, 2008 21:46

Edit : I meant "Shortly" in my post. Corrected it.

danutz_plusplus July 12th, 2008 07:47

The trailer should be released in 2 hours, 43 minutes and 45 seconds from this posting, and counting.

EDIT: I don't know how, but it apparently started. Check it out here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/36034.html

It looks pretty good, but way too short. Out of 50 or so seconds, the first 15 are just the Bioware logo. Also felt a lot like lotr.

Korplem July 12th, 2008 08:43

Well, it looks cool… Just don't blink or you might miss it!

narpet July 12th, 2008 08:46

i watched it… definitely underwhelming!

Turok July 12th, 2008 09:22

Just awesome. Looks like aurora engine but really updated, i hope it support multitreading.
Suzuki x-90 specifications

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