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Dhruin July 17th, 2008 00:50

FATE: Undiscovered Realms - Now Available
Remember FATE? WildTangent has released a sequel titled FATE: Undiscovered Realms. Here's the PR:

WildTangent Launches FATE Undiscovered Realms
New Edition of the Company's Landmark, Award-Winning RPG Title Promises to Delight FATE Fans of All Ages
REDMOND, WA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - WildTangent, Inc., the largest privately held online game property in North America, announced today it has released the next version of its downloadable, award-winning fantasy RPG titled "FATE Undiscovered Realms." The release comes three years after the company launched the original FATE, which PC Gamer Magazine named runner-up for "RPG of the Year" in 2005. Since that time, the game has sold nearly one million copies worldwide and has been played more than 50 million times, making it the company's best-selling and most played game ever.
FATE Undiscovered Realms is a fantasy action role-playing game in which players take their characters through progressively difficult levels of a dungeon while fighting monsters, completing quests, and collecting valuable items and gold. Players earn experience points that boost character attributes and unlock new levels and weapons.
Undiscovered Realms adds several new features and functions to the original game, including:
-- The mysterious Temple of Fate which holds unknown secrets
-- Two new realms with all-new art and adaptive musical score to
-- The outpost Typhon with its cold, snowy dungeons
-- The outpost Druantia set amidst lush forests
-- New allies for your pet to be transformed into
-- The exchange of Fate Cards for Gems
-- Five new challenging quest types:
-- Defend: Fight an onslaught of monsters while protecting
sacred places
-- Capture: Imprison evil foes and bring them to justice
-- Escort: Lead important characters through throngs of enemies
to safety
-- Assault: Assault an ancient shrine that has fallen prey to
enemy monsters
-- Herd: Gather creatures in groups to reunite them with their
-- New beasts to test your courage, strength and determination
-- Ability to import original FATE characters into the Undiscovered
-- Continuance beyond Level 99
-- Hardcore mode (disabled cheats and tougher monsters)
-- Additional online leader board for Hardcore mode
"FATE ushered in a new category of gaming and, for the first time, brought together the best characteristics of what had historically been two separate and distinct gaming markets," said Alex St. John, CEO of WildTangent. "As one of the most popular RPG games in history, FATE is proof that downloadable games with high-production value content can make millions and millions of dollars in our multi-pronged retail and ad-supported business model."
It might be worth noting the original project lead - Travis Baldree - has long since moved on to Flagship and despite the popularity of the original, some people are uncomfortable with WildTangent's adware/spyware associations.
More information.

martink July 17th, 2008 00:50

Alex St. John's snarls and diatribes in his monthly CPU column are sufficient reason for me to avoid paying for anything out of WildTangent.

Fate itself was interesting, and somewhat engaging in that brain-dead way for the first 10-20 levels, but after that the senseless item stat combinations just turned me off.

Yeesh July 17th, 2008 01:06

I was keen on FATE for a while back in the proverbial day, but nowadays I'd recommend Dungeon Runners instead for casual gaming, or the luscious Titan Quest for more serious stuff (did I mention I got TQ + expansion for $10 total on eBay?). I will say that FATE is adorable. And you get a kitty cat or a doggy.

Santos July 17th, 2008 01:46

Any word as to whether this version contains the mandatory "spyware" that the original did? (I don't think I'm misremembering the situation, am I?)

Dhruin July 17th, 2008 02:01

No idea but since that's the basis of their business model, I'd be surprised if it didn't at least phone home with user stats - note the PR mentions their multi-pronged "ad-suported" model.

Note to St John: telling us the original made "millions and millions" might turn some people off. A little humility is more engaging ("we were really delighted with how gamers embraced FATE"). Maybe I should do game PR? Are you out there Tom Ohle?

Guhndahb July 17th, 2008 23:50

I too was turned off by the DRM and invasiveness of the original, as well of the (then) inability to install it where I wanted. But that style of gameplay really isn't my bag, anyways.

Rills July 18th, 2008 00:02


Originally Posted by Santos (Post 87325)
Any word as to whether this version contains the mandatory "spyware" that the original did? (I don't think I'm misremembering the situation, am I?)

My question exactly. I bought this game for my son and put it on my old Pentium 3 system over a year ago. I actually blocked a good number of their spyware applications from connecting but I can't help but feel that the DRM, etc. might have had something to do with the P3 from eventually going the way of the DoDo.

Their spyware can become so embedded that PC Hell.com has a whole article dedicated on how one goes about removing Wild Tangent.

rth1146 July 18th, 2008 05:34

yeah but…
say what you will about the gameplay of Fate.. i never really liked it.. a bit to kiddie for me..

but WildTangent was never "spyware" proper… Call it AdWare, but thats only if youre playing for free.. paid versions of the game contain no ads on launch/load/exit etc.

that being said, the program may phone home with user settings, stats etc. but does nothing sadistic with the data

people might think i'm shilling WildTangent like a PR dude (and admittedly, St. John is too cocky and needs a PR coach).. but WildTangent is still doing some cool stuff, and is about to bring alot of good games to us for free (ad supported)… See info on thier "Orb" product.. I am interested to see where this goes… Due to their PC distribution, it might take off in a way that Steam never did.

Alrik Fassbauer July 18th, 2008 17:09

I think the "Orb" thingy was briefly touched a few months ago.

I don't remember where, though.

txa1265 July 21st, 2008 05:26

I loved the original Fate as it united my kids and I in something we could play together … but I'll hold a bit on this.

Dark Savant September 11th, 2009 16:09

FATE - The Traitor Soul is available


Traitor Soul is your destiny…will you accept it? Seek fortune and glory within the Chamber of Trials by battling the evil that lurks within. Fight your way through innumerable dungeons, caverns, and tunnels, with one of five loyal pets by your side. Play as yourself, or in the guise of a new hero: an Orc, Cogger, or Elven warrior. Choose from 50 new pieces of armor and 13 new spells. Evil trembles before you, and the ultimate challenge awaits you in FATE - The Traitor Soul!

txa1265 September 11th, 2009 18:01

Interesting … $20 for the game, or join 'the club' and get it much cheaper. No thanks … I've played the same game twice (did end up getting Undiscovered Realms), no need for a third time!

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