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rheric November 7th, 2006 11:09

GW Nightfall - Preview @ Eurogamer
Eurogamer has posted a new preview of the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars , titled Nightfall.

Opening up new regions and introducing its own new features, Nightfall ushers in another swathe of cleverly-instanced quests for Guild Wars' online adventures. This time the story-driven action takes place on a new continent, which is tinged with African folklore and populated by a lavish cast of African and Arabian characters. The new lands are, once again, exquisitely beautiful, with large, open areas and inspired African architecture. This is a large and impressive single-player expansion for Guild Wars, and it really concentrates on delivering an interesting story just as much as the last pack, Factions, concentrated on making changes to PvP.
More information.

wahwah November 7th, 2006 11:09

It's a review actually (sorry for nitpicking) ;)
and they say it is the best GW chapter but it still receives the lowest score ^^ (7/10)

txa1265 November 7th, 2006 14:09

It seems tainted by the 'I'm bored with ___' syndrome …

wahwah November 7th, 2006 20:55

I always get bored with the game after a while - can't be bothered to play the same campaign several times and I'm not into pvp, but both factions and now nightfall made me come back and enjoy the game again for a few months (about nightfall I can only guess, but my first impression is much better than factions)..

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