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woges August 7th, 2008 03:22

DC Universe Online - Hands-On @ Eurogamer
Three page preview at Eurogamer by Ellie Gibson.

Every player-controlled character in the game will be original - you can't "be" Batman or Superman, for example. "The reason for that is, we want them to feel real," Cao explains. "The best way to make Superman feel real isn't to have you play just another Superman in another Superman game, but to have your own character, and earn the right to fight alongside him." And to earn that right, you'll have to level up and prove yourself in the DC universe. "So come the day Superman asks for your help, you'll get a chill, because you know you're good enough; you're powerful and respected enough to have reached that echelon."
By way of a compromise you can pick a pre-built character who comes equipped with the same set of abilities as your favourite superhero, rather than trying to recreate them from scratch. "You could choose the Superman-type character who can pick up and throw cars, or the character who's filled out with Batman-type abilities - martial arts, acrobatics, gadgets. Then you customise your own appearance," says Cao.
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Zloth August 7th, 2008 03:22

Shared xp? Are they serious?? So all I need to do is pop Lex Lugar once then hide around the corner and I get full xp? Or maybe I pop him once then start looking for another spawn to ding? It's nice that you don't have to worry about kill stealing but won't this lead to kill mooching?

Something I haven't really heard - what happens when you gain a level? I presume you get more powers to pick from but what about existing powers? Do you get to decide if your ice block power gets stronger, lasts longer, fires faster…? Or do you just get Ice Block 2 replacing your old power?

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