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Dhruin November 8th, 2006 04:08

Gothic 3 - v1.09 (Interim) Patch Released
Piranha Bytes has released a v1.09 interim patch for Gothic 3 to deal with save games (62Mb):

This patch only addresses an issue that can lead to a crash when saving the game under special system configurations especially after playing for a longer time. No other changes to 1.08 have been made.
More information.

Maylander November 8th, 2006 04:08

This is good news, as quite a few people were having saving crashes, me included. I'll have to try this patch and see if anything changes.

hwfanatic November 8th, 2006 04:20

Please keep us informed about the effectiveness of this patch.

Corwin November 8th, 2006 04:37

Yes, I try never to be the first to apply a Patch!! :)

milamber November 8th, 2006 14:58

judging by the size of the patch needed to fix only the save-game bug does it mean that it was really a difficult bug to fix? If thats fixed it should mean that we'll get another patch now that deals with all the rest problems (ie the bugged perks like double robe protection, armour not working against monsters or fist-fighting)

Gorath November 8th, 2006 15:05

The size only indicted that the older patches are included.

The memory bug seems to be fixed for most players. Some can no longer use the Depth of Field effect though.

txa1265 November 8th, 2006 15:11

Well, nice to see that they continue to make progress. This is one of those 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' things - if they waited and released a larger patch later they'd catch flak just as they are now for fixing a single thing in the patch.

Jabberwocky November 8th, 2006 16:41

I don't have the game yet, but just making sure: Is the link posted above to this patch good for the English version as well?

txa1265 November 8th, 2006 16:54

I would say 'yes' since the page shows the same info in English as well as German.

Jabberwocky November 8th, 2006 17:02

That's what I figured too. But the page switched over from German to English so fast and the link didn't seem to change, so I grew suspicious. I don't remember what was corrected in the previous patches, so I thought there was a remote chance that I could be playing and suddenly see German names for things and hear German dialogue upon getting to the patched material. I believe something like that happened to a few people during G2 patch days. o_o

Unregistered November 8th, 2006 21:16

gothic "versions"
There is (as i understand it) a single global version of the game. Even the US version will be the same, but just with the most recent patch applied.

Jabberwocky November 9th, 2006 00:51


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 6296)
There is (as i understand it) a single global version of the game. Even the US version will be the same, but just with the most recent patch applied.

To a point, yes. But of course the German version has German voice acting, whereas the English version has… well you know. Theoretically if they were to 'patch' (replace) any dialogue, then it immediately becomes important as to which patch version you are getting, savvy?

I'm pretty sure that the patches released so far don't have any dialogue changes, so it probably doesn't matter. Still, if any items were renamed or such, you would want to see the words in the proper language. This problem did happen to some people with the earlier installments of the Gothic series.

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