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Dhruin August 21st, 2008 17:31

Planescape: Torment - Updates to Qwinn's Fixpack, Tweak, Unfinished Business
Thanks to the folks at Spellhold Studios for letting us know Qwinn's suite of Planescape: Torment mods has been updated. The Fixpack (incorporating Platter's and Skardavnelnate's fixes) and Unfinished Business have hit v3.0 and the Tweakpack is at v2.0. Hit up this page at Spellhold for the details.
More information.

Darkion August 21st, 2008 17:31

Excellent timing, since "I" just woke up in the Mortuary last night. *runs to update mods*

blatantninja August 21st, 2008 17:33

I've been trying to find a copy of Ps:T, but no luck so far. Looks like I might have to go the eBay route.

Benedict August 21st, 2008 17:35

Looking forward to Great Old Games getting online, hopefully they'll make for a nice, stable, legal route of picking up stuff like that. I think I've got a copy somewhere but buggered if I know where, it was about the only old game I didn't throw out.

Alrik Fassbauer August 21st, 2008 19:03

Yes, you'll rather find it online.

In the recent few last years I noticed the odd thing that I can't find any older games on flea markets anymore - it seems that everything is being sold online nowadays, through ebay, for example.

Lucky Day August 21st, 2008 21:39

funny, I thought it made the rounds as a Jewel Case. When I bought it it was off the market and had to get it special order along with System Shock. 6 months later word of month brought them both back.

Who was it from ToEE that said that RPG's have long term sales better than any other genre?

Is it not at the website that we use for those discount games? Is it not in an IE engine pack?

AmShegar August 21st, 2008 22:41

Updated My journal.

Thaurin August 22nd, 2008 16:04

Does this play well with existing saves? I have never completed the game, but started anew a few times, and I think I still have a save lying around. It would be good if I could use that without trouble. I suppose as with all fix packs it would be best to start a new game?

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