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magerette August 25th, 2008 17:51

NWN 2: Storm of Zehir - Early Impressions @ Gamespot
Gamespot does a quick feature rundown of Obsidian's upcoming NWN2 expansion, Storm of Zehir as shown by Atari at GC2008. There's nothing new or earth-shattering revealed but it's a thorough summary. Here's a snip:

The upcoming game takes place in a completely different area of the world, though, and tasks you with preventing Zehir, the god of poison, snakes, and darkness, from taking over the Forgotten Realm. The new content is designed for characters between the levels of 3 and 15; although it's possible for you to import an existing character, the idea is that you'll create not just a new one, but a whole group of them. The new party-creation system lets you create up to four characters from scratch and, as you progress through the game, you'll have room to add two of the scripted characters to your party for a total of six.
More information.

Hedek August 25th, 2008 17:51

Thanks Magerette. Looking forward to that extension, that features list and setting look delicious.

(I think there's a little typo in your newsbit I think it's a "s" not a "c" earth-shattering).

dowon August 25th, 2008 17:54

Ten minute-long demo gameplay video @ Gamespot

Starwars August 25th, 2008 18:28

The demo video above is well worth watching.

magerette August 25th, 2008 19:48

Fixed. Thanks, Hedek. Also thanks to dowon & Starwars--I forgot to mention the videos in the post.

Zloth August 25th, 2008 20:06

Gamespot's video is very good, though it gives out some early game spoilers.

Hmmm, a class that specializes in fighting the undead. Ugh. I really don't like classes that specialize in fighting some particular kind of enemies. They make nice NPCs who come along with you for specific quests that are balanced for them but using them for a big adventure like this? How does that get balanced?

Oh neat! You don't auto-rez after battle! Finally, a game that's getting LESS casual friendly!

I wonder if they are improving the party AI?

blatantninja August 25th, 2008 20:11

So it has actual death? That's good to hear.

Starwars August 25th, 2008 20:46

Zloth, I would bet that they're gonna incorporate Tony K's AI (which is the most popular AI mod in case you haven't been following NWN2 mods, it's definetely worth using if you're gonna replay the game at some point). Rob McGinnis (community guy, and now producer on SoZ) has sort of hinted at it somewhere, though I can't remember where.

Not confirmed though, but yeah… My money is on that it'll be incorporated into the game at one point or another.

Lucky Day August 25th, 2008 21:48

real death..nice. Bio could learn some lessons from this company.

kalniel August 27th, 2008 00:20


Originally Posted by blatantninja (Post 92941)
So it has actual death? That's good to hear.

As in no loading?

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